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American Girl Doll with Hearing Aid

Dolls that Embrace Disabilities and Differences

Okay, I admit. Even though I grew up as a little tomboy who never played with dolls, coming across these new American Girl dolls that embrace disabilities and differences has got me excited!

Did you know that among the accessories available are crutches, a wheelchair, a…

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Matt, Brett and Allissa, our Volunterns at their computers at JJ's List

Professionals donate time to coach our volunterns with disabilities

12/19/12 - Uncategorized - 0 Comments

JJ’s List just completed its first 8-week Voluntern Program, where five individuals with disabilities worked weekly to build their Internet and professional business skills at the JJ’s List office.

Each was paired with one of our Voluntern Coaches, who came from various professional backgrounds and had…

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Chicago Interactive Marketing Association Logo

Chicago Interactive Marketing Association awards JJ’s List CDSI Grant

12/13/12 - Uncategorized - 2 Comments

What a great opportunity for our team members with disabilities to build their communications skills for employment!  The Chicago Interactive Marketing Association just named JJ’s List the 2nd place winner for its Chicago Digital Start-up Initiative (CDSI). We join the ranks of fast-growing digital enterprises such…

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JJ’s List learns Google Analytics from The Analysis Exchange

JJ’s List just wrapped up our first project with The Analysis Exchange. This amazing organization taught us the right way to do web analytics. They provide free web analytics consulting to non-profits and NGOs around the world, and JJ’s List was one of them!

The process was…

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UN Disability Treaty fails to pass in Senate

We at JJ’s List are sorry to hear that the United States Senate failed to pass the resolution for ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Senator John Kerry speaks in support for the treaty with a group of disability leaders and political…

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