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Pace Suburban Bus is a great way to get around in the Chicagoland area. Check out their business listing on our site to see all of their disability-aware features!

Train Your Business or School

Train your staff or students to interact confidently with customers, co-workers, and peers with disabilities. Chicago Park District recently trained their annual and summer staff to be disability aware. Is it your turn? 

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Consumer feedback matters. Review the disability friendliness of any business. Was it physically accessible? Accommodating? Did they have employees with disabilities? Did they meet your needs?  Write a Review!

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Latest Reviews
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The Italian Village Restaurants - Chicago (1 day, 1 hour ago)

I've only eaten in one of the four (I think) restaurants in the building a long time ago, and it was okay. The interior of the building, as well as... Read More >
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The Cheesecake Factory - Chicago (1 day, 23 hours ago)

I came to this Cheesecake Factory once when I was little. I remember liking the decor, and thinking it reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. I also remember liking the... Read More >
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RAILS (2 days, 4 hours ago)

This disability awareness training was excellent! The people were friendly and welcoming! I really enjoyed how the audience was so engaged in the training and asked questions at the end... Read More >
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That Little Mexican Cafe (3 days ago)

I came here once for lunch a long time ago. The food was okay, but I don't remember much else about my experience there. Read More >
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Dunkin' Donuts - Evanston (4 days, 1 hour ago)

i dont know why it was good honstly and i dont know why im being asked to make a reviw. Read More >
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Panera Bread - Evanston (4 days, 1 hour ago)

They gave me a variety of options. The staff are very friendly and welcoming. Whenever I needed help, they would help me. They respected my choices. They gave me extra... Read More >