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Disability At the Movies

02/26/11 - Uncategorized - 1 Comment

Guest Post by Debbie De Palma, with research assistance from Yaseen Fawzi
As Colin Firth is poised to win an Oscar for his portrayal of a king unable to speak due to severe stuttering in The King’s Speech (2010), and as we have watched Claire Danes… Read More >


The Future of Vulnerable Citizens

In late January, President Obama spoke to the nation, outlining his hopes and plans for the future of the US in the perennial presidential State of the Union address. It was a very ambitious speech that touched on quite a few topics. 

One of those topics… Read More >


In Defense of Parents of Autistic Kids – And Others

The Wall Street Journal reported last month that the study that started a movement by parents to refuse vaccinations for their children had been debunked. ┬áThe venerable British medical journal The Lancet, which had originally published the study, had withdrawn it, citing it was fraudulent….

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