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D-blogger of the Month:

If you were a regular reader of articles on disability issues in Jan 2007, you might have come across the then-controversial story of Ashley – the beautiful girl whose severe brain disorder meant that she was going to remain permanently at an infant level both…

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Refrigerator Mothers Now More Relevant Than Ever

April is Autism Awareness Month. Ten years after the original national PBS broadcast of Refrigerator Mothers, the multiple award-winning documentary which JJ Hanley produced about unfounded mother blame in the treatment of this baffling disorder, the film’s poignant stories and powerful message is more relevant…

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SPILLS Summer Workshops – Now Open for Registration

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“I feel grateful that my son had the opportunity to learn about Internet safety in a Program specifically targeted to individuals with intellectual disabilities. The SPILLS Workshop allowed the students to learn at a slower and more deliberate pace. I feel now my son can… Read More >