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Welcome Back Pace Riders!

By Edward Madden – Pace Suburban Bus

The Covid-19 pandemic has been very challenging for all of us and public transportation was hit particularly hard.  In Spring 2020, Pace’s ridership dropped to as low as 30% of 2019 levels and many of our fixed routes were…

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Farewell to a Long-Time Search Staff

Carolyn at Search’s Kensington Site

Carolyn Bernett, Search’s Senior Program Manager in our Adult Learning Program, is retiring from Search, on Friday, September 3rd. With over 35 years of service at Search, Carolyn has made a tremendous impact on our Search family and on the thousands…

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To Date or Not to Date, That is the Question

Tips for Messaging Once You’ve Connected: The second installment in a series about online dating

By: Adrian Drower, Ask Adrian Blogger and No Boundaries Participant

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Welcome to your not-so-distant future. Since just about everything is online now, online dating is all the rage. It’s a good thing…

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