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Multiple Sclerosis Disability Awareness

Multiple sclerosis is a debilitating condition that many people do not understand. However, if you have been diagnosed with MS or you know someone who has, it is vital to be aware of what this disability is and how it will progress. This condition is…

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Sign saying "are you ADA compliant?"

Great resources for ADA Compliance Guidelines

Did you come here from google?  Take a moment to read this and explore the rest of!
We often get asked about compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act at our Disability Awareness Trainings for Businesses. So here’s a quick guide around ADA Compliance.

We’ve picked…

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two apples discuss person first language

Person First Language 101

Person First Language: Are You In the Habit?
Why Use Person First Language?

At JJ’s List, we believe that what we say influences how we think. What we think influences how we behave. When we use person first language (also known as people first language), we send…

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