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Guest Blog: How the Disability Awareness Players Can Help Your Business

We all know is a boon for businesses that treat the public, customers, and patrons with disabilities with respect. By registering on JJ’sList, your business positions itself as a company that is friendly and helpful to people with disabilities, their caregivers, friends and family…

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How I Can Put Money In Your Account

03/24/15 - Uncategorized - 1 Comment

There is no better feeling than having money in your account. However, the feeling of knowing you’ve earned that money through hard work is even better.  Having a job that you go to every day to make an earnest living is a right that can…

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The Dress Code: What to Wear in the Workplace

03/19/15 - Uncategorized - 2 Comments

Woohoo! You dressed well for the interview, you nailed it and got the job! That same first impression you gave the employer, who is now your boss, is the same impression you want to exude when they see you. Now, of course, depending on the…

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