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The Movement

Could a wheelchair user take on the snow-capped mountains of Colorado on skis? Witness the story of five individuals from all walks of life who faced incredible obstacles, found the inspiration to overcome them and became real everyday heroes. Through skiing, each has ultimately discovered or rediscovered the freedom…

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Jake and Greg

D-Blogger of the month: Wrestling With An Angel

Just before climbing into the truck he turned to me and said, “You know it gets worse, right?”

“What gets worse?” I asked.

“Your son,” he replied. “It gets worse as they get older and you get older. They get stronger and you get weaker. You still…

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JJ’s List is now on Flickr!

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We’ve got our very own group on Flickr now! Just visit our group page at:

From now on, when you attend any of our events and have pictures from them, just upload them to your own flickr account, add relevant tags (so they can be…

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A Big Store with Lots of Heart

This post was written for the JJ’s List blog by guest blogger Celene Peurye.

Quietly, without publicity or a cause-related marketing campaign, without a voting contest, this major fashion department store is helping individuals with disabilities and their families in a personal, meaningful way.

My son has…

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Kristyn and Tim practice networking with Terry, Kim and Jane

Disability Awareness Training at GSB

I have been working with JJ’s List and I always find myself learning about their presentations and workshops in which they present to different communities all over. In fact on February 17,  2012 the JJ’s List Disability Awareness Players went over to Glenview State Bank,…

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Andrew Dawson performing The Articulate Hand

The Articulate Hand

What would life be like if you lost the use of all your limbs? Andrew Dawson, a performance artist and movement therapist brings together an audio documentary, music and his body movements to help us understand. “The Articulate Hand” finds beauty and grace in hands…

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