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Chicago Interactive Marketing Association awards JJ’s List CDSI Grant

Posted by on December 13, 2012 - 2 Comments

What a great opportunity for our team members with disabilities to build their communications skills for employment!  The Chicago Interactive Marketing Association just named JJ’s List the 2nd place winner for its Chicago Digital Start-up Initiative (CDSI). We join the ranks of fast-growing digital enterprises such as Citizen MadePPC Analyzer and OkCopay.

Chicago Interactive Marketing Association Logo CIMA

What did we snag?

  1. Direct connections to the drivers behind the digital start-up community in Chicago.
  2. Access to Chicago digital marketing pros.
  3. Pro-bono assistance from CIMA board members who will hold our feet to the fire on strategy and outcomes.
  4. $5000 cash. (sweet!)
This is a huge boost for JJ’s List. We are a non-profit, digital social enterprise where young adults with all disabilities – including autism, brain-injury, Down Syndrome and Cerebral Palsy – build essential communications skills for employment, our team uses its disability expertise to train business employees to dump outdated thinking about disability, and redefine the way they speak about disability (the words handicapped and disabled are so last century); exactly what businesses need if they want to reach the growing, multi-billion dollar market of customers and employees touched by disability.
For the next year, CIMA experts will work with us to strengthen our marketing strategy to businesses. Why does this matter? Because every time a business uses our service, it directly supports the training of people with disabilities for meaningful careers at JJ’s List and beyond.
So thank you, CIMA! This grant will go a long way to change the futures of people with disabilities and strengthen disability awareness in the community. We can’t wait!
For more information about our communication and training programs, fill out our request form.
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Zeedy says:
Jan 02, 2013

One wonders how to live on $842.00 per mth and not even mid month only .28cents after tynrig for months with my case worker giving false info I finally found out by taking my dental card to an oral surgeon’s office that I am covered to have a tooh extraction for a root canal gone bad which was done years ago and the college of physicians did not find the dentist wrong at the time I’m paying back a debt I know nothing about first an annoynmous person wrote to the Halton region that I worked in regions Durham Peel and Halton and move on collecting monies of course there was no merit to this lie my neighbours who I believe really did do the bad deed because their story broke in the oakville beaver that the man committed fraud $100,000 and the wife $5,000 both on disability he used fictituous names and collected disabilitylied about his income on his housing application this same man threatened me in winter that he would bury me in the snow slandered mygood name with inuendos in the complex KARMA yes I’ve since called ODSP to let them know that if the only way to get an audit done on my file by filing a law suit against the gov’t then this is what I will do I move heaven and earth to prove my innoncence Years ago I was told by a detective to go to the peel police or else he’ll come get me this same ridiculous debt have been on my file for years the only t o get rid of it is to sue I’ll be using my NBA cheque for this I’ve also filed with the HumanRights because Halton claimed that I am overhoused after 12 years my son is married and gone I’ve had to go into counselling in spite of a 27 year wait for housing I am still being harassed What about those who cheated the system and made it bad for others who has legitimate disabilities That couple still lives next door and the tax payers dollars will pay for his Lawyer on the 27th call this justice I think not This is great for venting and to put pressure on the powers that be I write to all Ministers and eventually they do reply including the Premier I will not stop until I get some form of justice my family have all worked hard in this country and the new immigrants are treated better than us I will speak out Nardia

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