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Professionals donate time to coach our volunterns with disabilities

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JJ’s List just completed its first 8-week Voluntern Program, where five individuals with disabilities worked weekly to build their Internet and professional business skills at the JJ’s List office.

JJ's List Volunterns and Coaches at our first session

Each was paired with one of our Voluntern Coaches, who came from various professional backgrounds and had a wealth of experience to share.

On top of teaching essential Internet skills like using Gmail, Google Drive and, the coaches worked with the volunterns on how to dress in a professional enviroment, how to write a professional email/letter, and how to display professional behavior in a work environment.  They also worked to instill confidence in our volunterns. By the end of the program, our volunterns were armed with a new set of Internet and professional business skills, and a new perspective on what they could achieve.

With a little bit of guidance, individuals with disabilities can add great value to any workforce. And from what we’ve heard, our Voluntern coaches learned a lot from this experience themselves!

“I’m very glad to have had the opportunity to work with Allissa… the main thing that comes to mind is that working with a person with a disability is no different than working with anyone else. Allissa learns the way Allissa learns, just like anyone. She is a very positive, up person and I enjoyed getting to know her and sharing some jokes together. I like that she always tried to do things by herself, and I would help her on an ‘as needed’ basis.” – Debbie Bohmbach, Voluntern Coach

Thanks to all of our Voluntern Coaches who took the time to make a difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities! We’re looking forward to having our Voluntern Program back in full swing next year. If you’d like more information or have an interest in volunteering, please contact us by filling out this information request form.


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