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Dolls that Embrace Disabilities and Differences

Posted by on December 22, 2012 - 2 Comments

Okay, I admit. Even though I grew up as a little tomboy who never played with dolls, coming across these new American Girl dolls that embrace disabilities and differences has got me excited!

Did you know that among the accessories available are crutches, a wheelchair, a service dog in a harness, a hearing aid and an allergy-free lunch kit? And, there’s even a doll without hair to represent people who’ve lost their hair as a result of cancer treatments! That’s a really nice addition to the doll accessories i grew up seeing – high heels and make up kits.

American Girl Doll with no hair, American Girl Doll Wheelchair, American Girl Doll with hearing aid

Perhaps it’s finally time we can say goodbye to giving children the message that beauty means being blonde-haired, blue-eyed, and measuring 39-18-33, and say hello to teaching them to embrace diversity!

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Alec MacKenzie says:
Dec 23, 2012

Great post Shuling. 🙂

Vania says:
Jan 02, 2013

As a child, I loved my dolls more than anything. I tried to keep some of them for my own dhguater, but their faces just didn’t hold up. If I won, I would keep these to pass down to Shelby, my only granddaughter. She loves her babies, but she’s not quite old enough to take care of them right

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