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What is Success? Challenging the Comfort Zone

Posted by on January 27, 2014 - 3 Comments

Success has different meanings depending on who you ask. Like everyone else, locating a job in today’s economy is a challenge for me.  Trying to find the right fit for someone with certain abilities or talents can be hard, but that is just a matter of opinion and choosing to step out of your “comfort zone”.  Many factors apply to the job hunting process, such as deciding which job I’m looking for, location, hours of work, transportation, developing and maintaining my resume.  This would be easier said than done for someone with a disability, like for example… Me!

Adrian QuoteI know what you’re thinking, why am I advertising something so personal online?  You’re also thinking there are people online and offline that could potentially harm me physically, mentally or socially. These are all concerns and questions. I’m putting myself on the front line not to get noticed, but to be heard! People with disabilities often struggle with challenging situations, such as job hunting, getting around or stepping out of their “comfort zone”. For me, trying to find a job is more of a challenge because of certain limitations, but I do my best to get around them and defy the odds.

We all have a “comfort zone”.  The difference is, it’s easier for people without disabilities to get out of that zone than it is for people with disabilities.  It’s a challenge for us because we are so used to our “comfort zone”, that it’s something we choose to not step out of. While people without disabilities can handle this change well, to some degree, people with disabilities are sometimes the opposite.  Like me for example, I can handle a change of toothpaste, or a change in a daily activity very well.  It’s the major changes that get to me such as a change in direction, or a change in living arrangements.

Although, change is a major part of society, so is the job/ career hunt.  Even in today’s economy, people are still finding jobs whether they have disabilities or not.  Though it’s more challenging for people with disabilities, the job hunt will still continue and in the end we will be successful.  What leads to success you may ask?  Well, success should be measured by where you are in life.  If you have graduated high school and or college, if you are where you want to be with your job, if you’re at a good weight or in your “comfort zone”, then yes, you may be successful.

If getting out of your “comfort zone” was important to you, and you have, there is your success.  What are you doing to be successful?  I’m asking you to think about yourself and your abilities.  Sometimes it’s good to hear about the good things in your life from yourself.  It makes for a great way to start any day.  For me, I have two poems published in a book, I have graduated from Glenbrook North high school and Oakton Community College, I have spoken in front of 200 people, and not only do I have a driver’s license, but I also have a car and am able to drive.  These are big accomplishment for me. That is what success looks like for me. What does success look like for you?

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Adrian Drower This article was written by Adrian, one of our No Boundaries participants. NO BOUNDARIES – Train for Work, Train for Life, a Search, Inc. enterprise, is a “first-of-its-kind” experiential on-land and on-line workplace training center for individuals with disabilities.

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Matthew Lachapelle says:
Jan 30, 2014

I love what i read about doing job hunt i am doing that also. It was so much what i read i loved everything he said on every one what Adria. Adrian is my friend he has a good life with his writing. He is so good making story’s i read some they are so good to read them. I love what he said on his writing.

Jennifer Townsley says:
Jan 30, 2014

Not sure if you remember me but I remember you well. I used to teach Sunday school at the Ethical Humanist Society when you were just a little boy. You and your brother were both so much fun. I was happy to have happened upon your story. I myself now have a child with a disability so it is very encouraging and heartwarming to see that you are doing so wonderful and are paving the road for others with disabilities. Best wishes!

Jake says:
Feb 15, 2014

One recent success story for me was getting this Mac Book Air, the one I’m using to type this comment. Not only am I having to learn a totally different operating system, but I’m also learning a new screen reader. Well, new to me that is. But I’d have to say I’ve succeeded in this endeavor thus far. ADA paratransit is also something I’ve been conquering as of late. That will continue.

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