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Sidewalk Sale Shows Businesses Are Disability-Aware

Posted by on July 23, 2014 - 3 Comments
The Mexican Shop

The Mexican Shop

With our cash in hand, we directed ourselves to the Chicago/Dempster Neighborhood Sidewalk Sale. We were excited to visit our neighborhood businesses, look at the items they have on sale, and see how disability-aware they are.

During the sale our No Boundaries team split up into two small groups and walked up and down Dempster Street and Chicago Avenue.  The sun was shining brightly as people walked from table to table exploring the wonders of each merchant.  Walking among the people, I noticed there were many cool items, and some caught my eye as potential holiday or birthday gift ideas.  There were even some items that caught the eye of people that I was with, and we found ourselves reeled in like a fish on a hook to those tables.

During our stroll around the neighborhood, we went to Secret Treasures Antiques & Collectibles, Finders Keepers Vintage Collectibles, The Mexican Shop, Red 7 Salon, Paramour Bungalow, Hewn, Dragonfly, and Stumble & Relish.  There were clothes, jewelry, food and many other interesting items.  The staff from each place was very friendly, patient and willing to help.  Those particular qualities are what people with disabilities look for in local businesses.  Can wheelchairs and walkers get into these places?  Yes, because they are all at ground level.

While visiting the businesses, I took some pictures of the merchandise that was on sale.  At one of the tables, there was even a wooden coffin for sale.  I think the Chicago/Dempster Neighborhood Sidewalk Sale brings people together. It also showed me the wonderful items available at these stores and how disability-aware businesses close to No Boundaries are. What businesses did you visit? Were they disability-aware?

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This blog was written by Adrian, one of our No Boundaries participants. NO BOUNDARIES – Train for Work, Train for Life, a Search, Inc. enterprise, is a “first-of-its-kind” experiential on-land and on-line workplace training center for individuals with disabilities.


Jaime says:
Jul 25, 2014

Yay! So glad you all enjoyed the sidewalk sale. We did too, It was great to get out and meet all the neighbors on a beautiful weekend!

Adrian says:
Jul 28, 2014

Yes. Not only was it a beautiful day, it was also nice to see many people enjoying the Sidewalk Sale as well. I’m glad I was there and I’m sure the businesses enjoyed the exposure as well.

Abegail J. Stahr says:
Aug 06, 2014

August 6, 2014
Article Review written by Abegail J. Stahr

The Lake Shore Art Festival of Evanston was a blast and I went on Saturday to the art festival and my father was in the show he was showing his work. It was nice to see him, he had a lot of customers in his booth that it sure a good sign that the customers loved my father’s products that he made. My father designs and make his own chairs, trellises and arbors which is made out of white oak and cypress wood. He is amazing designer and amazing dad that I ever had in the world. I am glad that I saw my dad in the art show this year.

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