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Achieve Anything: Earn Everything You Receive

Posted by on July 14, 2014 - 3 Comments

No Boundaries

I have always believed that everything we achieve in life is well earned. Looking back on all of my most recent accomplishments, such as receiving my Associates Degree from Oakton Community College, working three part-time jobs, and independently paying a good amount of my bills, were all well earned and didn’t come easy as a person with a learning disability.

With each goal that I achieved came confidence that I can accomplish anything that I set my mind and heart to. This confidence is what I want to be able to share with others that are in the same position I was. For most of my time at, you may have heard about me being a part of the Disability Awareness Players. I still take part as a player, and I also take advantage of the opportunity to share my experiences with others through.

The first major presentation I did with was one about landing and keeping a job in today’s economy. With the help of Nicole Heimdal, the Train for Work Manager at No Boundaries – Train for Work, Train for Life, I talked with Connor and Alex about the application process. This included cover letters, resumes, the interview process, and other suggestions. I talked about accepting and getting a new job as a personal challenge, staying organized, and remaining confident.

In addition to the presentation I gave, I am also helping Alex prepare for a job in data entry (which happens to be one of my three jobs) by giving him some common invoices and spreadsheets that I work with to help him be familiar with such a position. The invoices contain specific data that have to be entered into the spreadsheets a certain way.

I am enjoying taking advantage of all the opportunities I get through to help others understand that anything can be accomplished through determination and hard work. Hopefully, work like this will help prepare me for more opportunities down the road. Nothing is given to us in life. When someone I teach understands this message, it makes me feel proud and honored to be doing the work that I love to do.

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About the Author:

Alec MacKenzie

Alec MacKenzie

Alec MacKenzie was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder at the age of two. He has recently graduated from Oakton Community College with an Associates’ Degree in Liberal Arts. He also has three part-time jobs, including Illinois Tool Works, Pottery Barn, and of course, He plans to go back to school soon for his Bachelors’ Degree in a program to be determined in the near future.


Matthew Lachapelle says:
Jul 15, 2014

i love this Blog i do i did that also it took a lot of work to do. But i handgun doing it also i had a lot of he;p from No Boundaries staff. They took there time to help me and other people also but it was so much fun. After all of that work i feel

Ben Orris says:
Jul 16, 2014

Alec: Although you may not have always believed my words as I risked my neck to help you and others demonstrating this route through college level work was possible, I am telling you again now you can do anything you put your heart and soul into ! I know you can achieve a Bachelor’s in Special Ed if you truly wish to put your heart into it. You are capable of achieving Honor’s ! The Truth may sometimes be tough but it shall set you free. One way or another, “Be proud of who you are and keep in mind your disability does not define you ! “

Alex Forsythe says:
Jul 23, 2014

I liked this blog a lot!! I found it to be very inspiring as well. Also, just wanted to say, thanks for mentioning me in the article. Thought that was cool. I really enjoyed working on the Data Entry with you a lot!! I love Data Entry and it is something that I really enjoy doing a lot!!

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