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We’ve Moved

Posted by on May 21, 2013 - 1 Comment

We’re moving up in the world!


When walking by our old offices at 930 1/2 Chicago Avenue, Evanston, IL 60202, you may have noticed that the lights were turned off and the banners have been rolled up. There’s nothing to worry about, though, since all it means is that we have moved! We’re now located just a few doors down, at coLab Evanston, 900 Chicago Ave, Suite 104,  Evanston, IL 60202.


Our Old Offices


Our team moved bright and early on the morning of Saturday, April 27. The sky was blue and the weather was beautiful.  Surely, that must have been a good sign for the future of JJ’s List in our new location!


Our New Offices!

coLab Evanston is an exciting local coworking and collaboration space for independent professionals and digital entrepreneurs. Here, people with disabilities and people without disabilities work together in an integrated business environment. What better way for members of the disability community to continue learning on-land and online skills with JJ’s List?


Our new offices are still quite close to the Main Stop on the CTA Purple Line, so feel free to come visit and explore the space with us!


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1 Comment

LM says:
Oct 20, 2013

We’ve recently purchased and moved to a condo on Maui with our service dog. The By-Laws state it is a pet friendly facility (pet must be carried and not step on to common ground) with full exception for use of common ground by a “service animal”.

The facility is a Condo/tel-over 180 owners rent their units and only 6 owners live here year round. The facility contains 235 units.

I reported my dog as a service dog to the General Manager the first day. 20 days later I received a letter informing me I “could” be in violation of “House Rules’, with no reference to the By-Laws. Next day I received a threatening letter after General Manager saw my dog on a leash standing in the elevator, stating I could be subject to fine and removal of the dog. Again I stated to him she was a service dog. He then questioned who the dog was for-my wife-and what was her disability. He then stated the Board will decide the issue.

As a general board meeting was ending, the President of the Board proposed that all animals (3) be crated or in a zipped case while on common ground in the condo. My wife cannot carry her and such an inconvenience for me at my age (68) hurts my back. I too have a disability since 1997.

We are being targeted- bigoted remarks directed at us, and my wife is emotionally distressed and depressed over fear we may lose our dog. We have sold our home and all possessions and moved here , to Hawaii.

Help Please

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