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Customer Service Fail: Jewel Osco’s new cart-to-car service backfires

Posted by on May 10, 2013 - 0 Comments

jewel osco storeFollowing the new management takeover, Jewel Osco now has a new mandatory service that means your bagger will accompany you and your cart out to your vehicle, whether you want it or not.

Sure, it’s a great perk to have if you’ve got too many bags to handle, but when you leave your customers no choice in the matter, it’s easy to see why Jewel’s new cart-to-car service has got many customers up in arms. Some even argue that this new move is more about keeping track of their carts than it is about customer service.

Over the years, we at JJ’s List have seen many positive reviews about Jewel Osco being a great employer of people with disabilities. So how will this new mandate impact them? We’ve seen some unhappy reviews posted on already:

“…I do not need assistance, nor do I want it. I know several individuals with disabilities who work as utility clerks for multiple Jewel locations, and quite honestly, this is one of the reasons I shop there. If this new policy jeopardizes their employment status at Jewel stores, I will shop somewhere else…– Review by Sherry on

review on Jewel Osco's new cart to car service posted by Sherry - read more at

“…We hear that new ownership is requiring new job tasks. While we don’t object to folks having to learn new skills, we personally don’t want to be accompanied out and helped to our car and we will not appreciate having that forced on us…nor would we want people with disabilities fired if they are unable to learn new skills that seem inappropriate and unnecessary to the job.” – Review by Noah and Ellen on

Review by Noah and Ellen about new Jewel cart to car service. Read full review at

From the looks of responses so far, it seems that management at Jewel Osco have a lot of re-considering to do. What do you think about this new policy? Share your thoughts below, or post a review about your local Jewel.

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