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Volunteers Represent at Search 360

Posted by on October 13, 2017 - 1 Comment and No Boundaries were well represented on October 5th at Search 360, an annual Open House and Visibility Art Show, which was held at Search, Inc’s Mt. Prospect site.  Business Assistant Sarah Armour staffed a table for, while No Boundaries participants, MattLaChapelle and Anton Gadbois shared information about the skills-building program with attendees.  Below is what they had to say about their experience:


Q:  Can you tell us a little bit about Search 360? Office Assistant Sarah Armour


A: This is my second time going to Search 360, an open house highlighting all of the programs at Search, Inc. Both years I saw a great group of people, with and without disabilities, coming together in a safe environment. Everyone was treated with dignity and respect.


A:  This was my very first time going to the event. I was proud to be a part of Search 360 because it brings all the people at Search together so people can learn about the different programs that Search has to offer. I did not know that there were so many opportunities Search provides for people with different disabilities.

Q: What role did you play at Search 360?


A: I talked about, Hop on the Bus to Independence Workshop, and the Disability Awareness Trainings.


A: My role was talking about No Boundaries and what we do there, like build job skills and setting goals.

No Boundaries participant Matt Lachapelle


A: My part in Search 360 was to represent No Boundaries and I also took the time to walk around and talk to many people.

Q: Did you enjoy your role?


A: Yes, I always enjoy getting people excited about the work that we do at, a program of Search, Inc.


A: I love anything that is part of Search, because they gave me a great job coach who I am with.


A: I enjoyed my proud role because I felt that I could give back to the community.

Q: What did you learn from your volunteer experience at 360?


A: What I learned is that Search does many great things. One of the things I did not know is that Search provides housing for people with disabilities.

Search’s Career Services Manager, Robert Parkinson, Matt LaChapelle, and Walmart Manager George.

Q: Would you recommend other people attend next year’s 360? 


A: Yes, I would recommend it to other people. They will love it. My manager from Walmart came and told me he had a good time there.  I would like to ask my manager at my other job if he will come to the next Search 360 event.




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Abegail Stahr says:
Oct 17, 2017

I thought this articles was very interesting and I was actually there and it was fun and busy night for me because I was running around collecting empty plastic bottles and turning them to the stress ball table. I had really fun that night going to the 360 event at Kensington Site. I was happy to see everyone there, I did a lot communicating and talked to a lot of my peers and friends there, too. I am hoping that I can help out there again, that was my happiest moments of my life. Heck, I’m supporting Search-Inc in some way. I would not mind doing this 360 event again. It was very fun. Please come back and support us at Search-Inc, we appreciate all of your support!

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