Visibility Arts Showcase

Discover the art of several talented artists with disabilities while you socialize at Gather Play Cafe in Evanston, Illinois


1/30/15 | 6:00 - 8:00pm | 602 Davis Street

Credential Your Business

Train your staff to interact confidently with customers and co-workers with disabilities. See who else has become a disability-aware business leader.

JJ's Featured Business of the Week

Prairie Moon has a long-standing history of supporting the disability community. Most notably, they frequently open their doors to fundraisers!

Share Your Experience

Consumer power matters! Review the disability friendliness of any business. Was it physically accessible? Accommodating? Had employees with disabilities? Write a Review.

List Your Business

Get easy tools to engage the growing disability marketplace. What are you waiting for?

Search for Adventure's Disability Awareness Players are being honored at Search for Adventure, a celebration of Search, Inc. at The Montgomery Club! Join us!

Latest Reviews
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Target - Evanston (1 day, 21 hours ago)

Came back here yesterday .Good place not only for lunch, but to shop as well. Got everything that I need. Very accessible, and organized. Will come back. Read More >
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Century 12 (2 days, 18 hours ago)

This actually my 2nd time making contact with Century 12, but both experiences were great. I am a job coach and I have a client who is extremely interested in... Read More >
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Subway - Chicago Ave, Evanston (2 days, 20 hours ago)

I decided to walk to this Subway location again this morning, as a little birthday treat. So I did that, and the lady behind the counter spoke directly to me... Read More >
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Dunkin Donuts (3 days, 19 hours ago)

This was a good outing. The consumers really enjoyed it. One consumer was having a behavior when it was time to leave and was sitting on the floor. The employees... Read More >
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Elevation Web (1 week ago)

Elevation Web helped me a lot in developing a user friendly and informative Non Profit website. By their help I can attract more users than before. They are professional, knowledgeable,... Read More >
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Niles North High School (1 week, 2 days ago)

Last night I went with my CIF tutor and community builders to this high school for Pizza Wars. This was the fifth year that the event took place, but it... Read More >