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An Open Letter To the LGBT Community From

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The people working towards disability awareness at would like to show solidarity with the people working towards LGBT rights in response to the momentous #SCOTUS decision to legalize Marriage Equality in all fifty states of the … Read More >


Beat The Summer Slowdown

5 Ways to Beat the Summer Slow-Down

Summer is typically a time to slow-down when it comes to our day-to-day routines. Its a time where we all like to take a break and rejuvenate after the long Winter months. BUT when you’re on the … Read More >

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Often wonder who is the voice behind Siri? Let’s meet her

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Susan StudioWe say it often but it’s the little accessible things in life that make everything worth it.  Today, got a chance to speak with an individual who comprises a huge part of many of … Read More >


Audio Described Performances Now Available At Bumppo

Remy Bumppo Theatre Company believes, as many Chicago theatres do, that the arts have a responsibility to reflect and explore the interests and concerns of the communities to which we belong. While we at Remy Bumppo strive to serve our communities through our play selection, … Read More >


Mental Illness: The Invisible Disability

not-every-disability-visable When you think of the word disability, what comes to mind? A person in a wheelchair? Maybe an individual with Down syndrome? We tend to only think of those with a physical or visible disability … Read More >


Fine at The Fine Line

Learning to fly on your own in life can be a real challenge, especially if you have a disability.  So you would think that finding a job for someone like me would be close to … Read More >


How I Helped Others By Sharing My Past

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In January,  I had one of the most amazing experiences in recent memory! I spoke about my panic disorder to a fifth grade class at my old grade school, Joseph Sears School.  I was asked to … Read More >


Guest Blog: How the Disability Awareness Players Can Help Your Business

We all know is a boon for businesses that treat the public, customers, and patrons with disabilities with respect. By registering on JJ’sList, your business positions itself as a company that is … Read More >


How I Can Put Money In Your Account

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There is no better feeling than having money in your account. However, the feeling of knowing you’ve earned that money through hard work is even better.  Having a job that you go to … Read More >

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The Dress Code: What to Wear in the Workplace

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Woohoo! You dressed well for the interview, you nailed it and got the job! That same first impression you gave the employer, who is now your boss, is the same impression you want to … Read More >