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There’s “Energy” in Disability Awareness Training

Posted by on October 5, 2016 - 3 Comments

ComEd is talking the talk and walking the walk of disability awareness.  Not only does the company run the cool Energy Force program, last week they hosted the Disability Awareness Players at their Oakbrook Terrace headquarters for a Disability Awareness Training.  The participants were very engaged, and we received a lot of feedback for the session. “This was a great experience. I’m so glad I came,” said one participant. We look forward to the next Training!



Matthew Lachapelle says:
Oct 11, 2016

ComED is a very big place and it was so much fun there. meet people who work there. The people i meet are very nice to meet them. i learn so much from visited them.

Brian Rohde says:
Oct 11, 2016

Really enjoyed that the audience was very engaged in the training. The audience was very friendly and showed willingness to volunteer. I serve as an Energy Force Ambassador for ComEd. I got to meet people who work there. I was fortunate to be able present there and they seemed thrilled to have us!

Jake says:
Oct 21, 2016

This training was a lot of fun indeed, and ComEd does indeed get disability awareness. Great people there too!

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