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What Are We Speaking Up For?

Posted by on November 5, 2013 - 3 Comments

We are at Speak Up Speak Out!  It’s right now, November 5 in S

in Springfield, IL.  There are 522 of us here…self advocates,

supporters, folks with different abilities.    There are

some job coaches here too.  We are here to stand up for our

rights and what we believe:  We believe that we can help

each other.  Don’t assume we can’t do anything.  We are all

the same.  We have abilities.  We are empowered today.

Who cares?  We care!  Our families care!  Our friends care!

Our doctors care.  Our bosses care.  Our community cares!

Our co-workers care!

We care about our rights as people.

We care about everybody!


*This blog was created during the Speak Up and Speak Out Summit 2013 as part of “The Internet is a Cool Self-Advocacy Life Skill. Learn it!” 10:45 – 11:45AM workshop presented by JJ Hanley, Associate Director of Ventures at Search, Inc. and Founder of

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Matthew LaChapelle says:
Nov 06, 2013

made sense because person with disability want to stand up for themselves. But its pretty hard. Why? When I give a speech or a toast a lot of people say, “Can you repeat that?:. Because they don’t understand my words. But I still work at it. because it’s about disability awareness. My disability. I don’t feel ashamed. Its a gift.

Jeanette FINN says:
Nov 07, 2013

I just love going too a speak up amd speak out. i had a great time and going back next year. my best one I went too is JJ Hanley list internet and the teckelogy I also like going too that one also.speak up and speak out.

Philister Sidigu says:
Nov 12, 2013

Hi Jeanette,
Glad to hear you enjoyed the Speak Up and Speak Out Summit. I also enjoyed the blogs you all did with JJ Hanley. Best, Philister

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