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Walgreens and disability-friendly service

Posted by on July 28, 2011 - 2 Comments

Thanks Laurie, for sharing your story:

By now almost all of us are familiar with and the good work they do spreading the word about businesses providing good ‘disability aware’ customer service. Several months ago I’d posted a review on about our local Walgreens store, one employee in particular there who treats Sarah like any one of us would expect/appreciate being treated when we’re good loyal customers. The employee’s name is Evelyn and she’s just an awesome individual.

After seeing her the other day and thinking, again, what a great role model this woman is for other employees, I thought ‘what else could I do to help recognize her?’. I’d never mentioned the JJs List thing to her. Tried to find the store manager to tell him about it, but couldn’t find the guy. 🙁 So I went home and emailed the company — corporate office — to a person I’m aware of there who consults with the company on disability matters. Shared with corporate what a find they have in Evelyn. Didn’t think anything would come of it & didn’t hear back from corporate either. That was 3 days ago.

Today I’m in Walgreens again. Evelyn comes out from behind the cashier position, gives me a great big hug, huge smiles on her face, thank you thank you thank you. What happened? Somehow the corporate giant which is Walgreens managed to get to the store manager, who got Evelyn to come to the phone, she was read the email and a message from Corporate about how proud they were of her, she got (she said) a gold star pin and a certificate!! 🙂 Apparently the rest of the store employees were impressed because this will go into Ev’s employment file, too. Nice, huh?

Not sure exactly what lessons we can learn from this, but suspect there are several. I’ll definitely keep trying to get recognition for those businesses and their employees who go above and beyond for us and our loved ones. Anyone else have stories or examples of things that have worked?

Pls share if you do.



Shuling says:
Aug 11, 2011

Beautifully moving story. Thanks for sharing this, Laurie.

Jake Joehl says:
Aug 29, 2011

This is a great story. I have a friend who has worked at the Wilmette Walgreens for several years, and has a disability.

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