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To Date or Not To Date, That is the Question

Posted by on December 16, 2021 - 0 Comments

Tips for Being Safe on the first date: the fourth and final installment in a series

By Adrian Drower, Ask Adrian Blogger and  No Boundaries participant

All good things must come to an end, and it is now time I take my leave. So here is the last installment in the series of my online dating tips. I hope you have found this series helpful. Thank you for reading!

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Keep it simple; meet this person somewhere public, like a coffee shop or a park, where you can talk and get to know each other

Keep the past in the past 

Trust your instincts

Take it slow; until you know each other better, keep it public

Stay at a steady pace; it is a great way to ease the mind 

Don’t press your luck or force your way into someones’ life

If the date isn’t going well, you can just leave

If the online magic is no longer there, find an easy and polite way to let them down and just leave.  

I do have one last bit of advice for you: Try to remember, perfection is overrated, experience is the new perfect. Think of it like this, practice does not make perfect; practice gives you experience.

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