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Staying Positive in 2020

Posted by on September 29, 2020 - 1 Comment

Disability Awareness Players, Sarah, Brian, Molly, Billy, John V and Sarah S-T

No one on planet Earth has not been affected by Covid-19. But as difficult and challenging a year as this has been, The Disability Awareness Players want to share some good vibes that may lift your spirits. Check out some of the good things that have happened in their lives in spite of and due to the pandemic.  

John G: “I had a lot of time to write and think.  I wrote many different types of stuff – stories, journals, plans.  This provided me the opportunity to reflect on the past and figure what direction I want to go in.” 

Molly: “I reconnected with my aide from second grade who was like an aunt to me as a kid. The leader of the workshop I was doing for Tellin’ Tales had us write letters to elderly and isolated people, like a pen pal thing.  That reminded me of her and made me look her up on Facebook, which she was on, and we started talking again.” 

Disability Awareness Players Billy, Tricia, Sarah ST, Anton, Sarah, Abbie, John G

Billy: “I’ve enjoyed sleeping in, going for a lot of long walks, and spending extra time with my mom and my cat. And I got to know a new friend by talking on the phone.”  

Sarah A: “During quarantine, my aunt set weekly meetings on zoom for my extended family.  We have all gotten to know each other better through these calls. It has been fun hearing stories of everyone’s daily lives.  I also have done family game nights with my immediate family which also has been a lot of fun! I like reconnecting with family and friends in a different way than before.” 

Brian: The biggest positive that I would say about the pandemic is that I’ve had more time to practice self care. The pandemic has made me reinforce my coping skills from emotional stress.  I’ve been working on learning to accept circumstances we have no control over….  I’ve been using my spare time more to do yoga and mindfulness.  

Some other smaller positive things about the pandemic are that I have become more familiar with technology for video chatting.  I was never really a person that would use zoom before the pandemic, I would mainly communicate with friends by phone calls, texting and social media. My life has also got easier as a result of not having to take the usual hour long train rides into the city.” 

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John V: I’ve been able to spend a lot more time with my cousin Tina. Sometimes I go by her. Sometimes she comes by me. I also got a new chair and footstool to use when I watch TV. And we got a new baby in the family. His name is Jasper.”

Anton: “I’ve had a lot more time to myself to do art work, which I love. I do all kinds of art. I have learned new technology skills and have been able to reconnect with friends using technology.

What is your silver lining? 

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Barb gier says:
Oct 07, 2020

Sounds like everyone is making family a priority, and getting to know themselves better as well. Silver lining indeed.

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