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Sharing Quarantine Survival Strategies

Posted by on April 17, 2020 - 2 Comments

By Sarah Armour, Business Assistant, JJ’s List

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These past few weeks have been very scary for all of us. COVID-19 is so scary because you can’t see the virus. Back in December, I heard that we shouldn’t travel internationally. I thought that was crazy and I put it in the back of my mind. Then suddenly the virus was showing up in our country and in our community.

When I heard that Search/JJ’s List was closing day programs, I honestly didn’t know what to think. When I heard that restaurants could only do carry-out business and that only essential businesses could remain open, it scared the hell out of me. We’ve now been practicing social distancing and self-quarantining for weeks.

I have a panic disorder that makes me claustrophobic. When I heard the news that our country was in “lock-down,” I was very scared, which made me angry and ashamed.  My mind couldn’t process that the world was closing. I get anxious being in enclosed spaces. Therefore, the thought of not being able to go out of my house was unimaginable. I kept having the same thoughts over and over about being trapped inside.

But after experiencing lots of different emotions, I am finally at the stage of accepting that I am scared and that it is OK, and that I am in the right place for now.

I would like to share some of the things I’ve been doing to distract myself that make me feel more in-control during this uncertain time:

Armour Family reinforcing magical connections

Staying Connected:  I use Zoom to connect with friends and family. We often talk about silly things like the little kids in our family or our pets. We also watch movies or even play games together while sharing our screens. It has made me feel more connected to my family than ever before. It feels magical.

Sarah at Lakefront

Connecting with Nature: I try to go on a walk every day. I love going down to the lake because it is so beautiful. As I watch the waves go in and out, I realize that the world hasn’t stopped and this is comforting to me. I look at dogs and hear the birds around me, and I tell myself they don’t know anything is different. Our behavior has changed because of this pandemic. It’s scary to see people wearing masks and gloves, but I try to focus on nature because that is the one thing that hasn’t changed.

Being Active: I am finding new projects around the house to keep me engaged, which is important. I am cleaning out drawers and trying to organize everything. I bought a Brain Quiz and a Sudoku book that also keep me busy.  Many friends of mine are doing puzzles to stay active.

Relaxing: I love watching movies and shows, even if I’ve seen them a thousand times. It’s a great distraction into another world, which is so needed. I also enjoy taking a warm bath.

I know everyone is scared right now. It is okay to be scared. But I hope my quarantine survival tips will help calm you and help you through.

What are you doing during the quarantine?  Please share your survival strategies with us!



Brian R. says:
May 04, 2020

The stay at home order has been hard for everyone! It definitely is difficult staying positive, but it definitely helps taking a break from watching the news. I’ve tried yoga, meditation, and watching TV! Warm baths and going for walks are nice too!

Brian Rohde says:
May 04, 2020

The stay at home order is stressful for everyone! It is difficult to stay positive, but it helps to get a break from watching the news. I’ve tried yoga, meditation and watching TV. Warm baths and going for walks are good too! I know it’s boring and frustrating feeling stuck at home, but the way I see is when you try something that you don’t always do everyday (like reading or drawing), you’re day is at least somewhat productive despite the stress.

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