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Q&A with Abby S.

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Adrian D, Abby S, Matt R, and Michaela M

Last month Abby S gave a guided tour of the Search Inc’s  Planet Access Company Warehouse (PAC) – where she works – to her fellow No Boundaries (NB) participants, Matt, Adrian and Michaela and NB Trainer Jenny. Through a short Q&A she explains the experience and tells us about her job.

Q: What did your tour include for the Monday No Boundaries group?

A tour of the physical space

The areas of the warehouse that I showed to my visitors are:

  • My Work Station where I process returns
  • The Dock where shipments, mailings, and products come in and go out
  • Front Office area – where I clock-in/out and wait for the bus
  • Lunch Room – where I eat lunch and hang out with my co-workers
  • Shelves units – the huge part of the warehouse where we store the merchandise


I introduced Matt, Adrian, Michaela, and Jenny to Robert Parkinson, the Career Services Coordinator, and Mike Cordis, my supervisor in the warehouse. I also introduced them to my co-workers in merchandise returns.


Abby demonstrating a task

I demonstrated merchandise returns processing. I explained how I use box cutters to open the packages and how I use the scanner to do Return Merchandise Authorization (RMAs), Inventory Transfers, and Cycle Counting.

Q: How did you feel about giving a tour of the warehouse to the NB group?

I was proud to show off my workplace and explain my job to Matt, Adrian and Michaela. I am always happy to give tours of the warehouse.

Q: How long have you worked at the warehouse?

I have been working at the warehouse for more than 3 years now. I started out as an assembler, putting together medical kits, The Zen of Cooking packages, and St. Joseph statues. After about a year I started working as a warehouse assistant doing maintenance. Eventually I moved to processing returns for different companies, where I became an employee of Search and started earning competitive wages.

Q: What is your job title and what are your responsibilities?

My job title is Warehouse Assistant. I am responsible for processing Toad & Co. returns. If a customer sends back a product, I check it for damages, fold it and repackage it and then do an inventory transfer, which means putting it back on the shelf. Finally, I do cycle counting, which is taking inventory of each product.

No Boundaries participants exploring career options.

Q: What is your schedule?

I work part time on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Q: What is your favorite thing about working at the warehouse?

My favorite thing about working at the warehouse is that I can do a variety of tasks. I also like being there with my co-workers and chit-chatting a little bit here and there. Earning more makes me proud and gives me the opportunity to do more things in the community and buy things I need.

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