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Oh The Places They’ll Go (Using Public Transportation)!

Posted by on November 12, 2018 - 1 Comment

GSB Work Study and Independent Living Classes

Since 2012 JJ’s List and Pace Suburban Bus have been working together to train students and adults with disabilities about fixed route bus transportation. Our workshops are called “Hop on the Bus to Independence” and they are fun, interactive and educational experiences!

In October 2018, we held a Hop on the Bus Workshop at Glenbrook South’s Work Study and Independent Living Classes. We received many thoughtful thank you notes that demonstrate the real value of these trainings. Here are a few:

“We want to thank you for providing our students with a wonderful opportunity to learn about public transportation options in the community. Some of the students you met last week used the Pace Bus for the first time on Tuesday! The students definitely used their knowledge from your training to navigate all the aspects of riding the bus that afternoon!” – Caitlin and Meg, teachers

Thank you for helping me know what to do on the bus and how to be safe on the bus. I learned that I can use Google Maps to help me.” – Paola, student

“I really enjoyed Hop on the Bus, the awesome seats and learning about the ramp for wheelchair passengers.” – Nicky, student

Hop on the Bus to Independence Team

“Thank you for showing me the ins and outs of a Pace bus and teaching me the proper way to approach a bus. I really enjoyed the presentations, the nice pictures and diagrams of the bus, the way you talked with us and answered our questions.” – Nima, student

“Thank you for showing us all the features on the bus, using a map to know where your routes are, and using special technology to get on other transportation services.I really enjoyed being on the bus, getting to know the driver, and learning that people with disabilities can get on the bus.” – Stephanie, student

“Thank you for showing us how to buy a Ventra card. I really enjoyed the pictures of the CTA bus, Metra train, Pace bus, and maps. I hope in the future to ride the Pace bus more around the road.” – Joey, student

“Thank you for taking your time to train us to ride the Pace bus and prepare us for going out in the community. I learned that you need to watch for your stop. We took the Pace bus this week and your training helped me know what to do.” – Scott, student

Hop on the Bus Self-Advocate, Bridget Brown

“Thank you for teaching us how to use a public bus. I learned that a public bus is different from a school bus. We took the Pace bus this week and your training helped me to stop the bus at the right time.” – Jacob, student

Thank you to the students and staff at Glenbrook South for these kind notes and for hosting a Hop on the Bus workshop!

Want to know more about Hop on the Bus? Interested in hosting a workshop? Please click here to find out more!

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JJ Hanley says:
Nov 30, 2018

The Hop Team is Amazing!

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