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Grateful for the Partnership Between Search and Oak Point University

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By Jackie Rovner, Division Director of Clinical Services, Search Inc.

Oak Point University Nursing Students

Search staff and individuals are incredibly grateful for the partnership we have established with Oak Point University! Nursing students from the university participate in a six-week, hands-on, clinical rotation at our Adult Learning Program sites while supervised by Oak Point University instructors.  While completing this clinical rotation, students work with individuals in various on-site medical clinics, and create activities and education related to personal hygiene and health – all while having tons of fun!

Oak Point University Nursing Students

Currently, students are conducting interviews with individuals who participate in Search’s Medical Self-Advocate Program.  In these interviews, the student and individual work together to complete a Personalized Health Passport, which is used to help individuals communicate information about themselves to community medical providers in an effort to help the provider learn their preferences.

Search is honored to provide the Oak Point University students with the opportunity to work with people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities.  We feel that it is important to provide students with an experience that can help them to break down stigmas and barriers while preparing them to support patients within this population.  We look forward to working with Oak Point University for many years to come!

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