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National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month 2024

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Every year in March, we celebrate National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month (DDAM). DDAM raises awareness for developmental disabilities and works to build a community where everyone is empowered to succeed, both people with and without disabilities. This year’s theme is a World of Opportunities, celebrating the barriers people have overcome to create a more inclusive world with opportunity for all.  

We encourage you to get involved with DDAM! Read on to learn two ways you can get involved. 

Watch our NeurodiVERSED Campaign Videos 

At Search and JJ’s List, in March, we launch our NeurodiVERSED campaign, which gives people who think differently a platform to share their voices and educate the community on mental health and I/DD. This project began to address the misconceptions and misinformation surrounding those who identify as neurodiverse, as well as the damaging narrative that mental illness and disabilities are something to cure. Our mission is to give neurodiverse individuals a platform to share their stories, art, experiences and celebrate the things that make them unique through our video profile series. 

This year, our NeurodiVERSED campaign focuses on Alison, a long-time Search participant, and how she lives her life uninterrupted. Living your life uninterrupted invites you to reflect on who you would be if nothing got in your way and who you would be living your life to its fullest. Through interviews, and glimpses into her daily experiences, we celebrate Alison’s uninterrupted resilience, passion and unique journey. Watch our video series with Alison here.  

Learn More About Developmental Disabilities 

Another way to get involved in this DDAM is to learn more about the challenges facing the I/DD community and how you can advocate to make a difference. To all come together as an inclusive community, we must have the knowledge to be empowered to make the world more inclusive. 

A great place to learn more is the DDAM Resource Guide from the National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities. This guide provides several resources for people with and without I/DD to stay connected with the community and participate in ongoing advocacy, including podcasts, blogs, articles and more. Read the guide here. 

There are many ways to get involved in this DDAM. We hope you will join JJ’s List this month to have conversations and reflect upon how we can create a more inclusive world. 


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