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My First Few Weeks at

Posted by on July 19, 2016 - 3 Comments

I have now been at JJ’s for four weeks, and it’s been a great experience for me. I’ve really enjoyed learning more ways to connect with the world, as well as how to use different ways of sharing information that I didn’t even hear of until I started working here. 

Some skills I’ve been building and strengthening while at my internship include time management and communication with others in the office. I’ve learned that it’s important to have good communication with other people in order to make things less confusing and so everyone is more likely to work together and understand each other.

I like the fact that JJ’s is very accepting and respectful of everybody and anybody that walks through the door, and are always willing to help others when needed. I also like the policy of “person first” language because I think it’s more polite and kinder to identify an individual as a person rather than a characteristic he or she has, especially if the person has a disability.

Another aspect of JJ’s that I enjoy is the goal of spreading awareness of people with disabilities, whether it’s encouraging others to review businesses based on how accommodating they are to individuals with disabilities, or promoting awareness through social media. As the social media intern here at JJ’s, this is a part of my job, and that is something I am very proud of and glad to be a part of. I like the feeling of giving back to the community as well as making a difference in the world, and I think that my internship here does just that.

To me, Disability Awareness means all of the things I previously mentioned, but I think it mostly means that everyone should be treated as equals regardless of ability. Because of this, I believe Disability Awareness is important because it serves as a way for people to learn how to interact respectfully with individuals with disabilities.  Here at JJ’s, we are doing just that. We are educating others on the importance of equality amongst those with and without disabilities, and I’m very proud to be working here as a result of this.

Note from JJ:  Abbie has not only become a stronger communicator since she started at, she is also becoming a strong writer for different audiences. She is incredibly well organized and is friendly and collaborative with her co-workers.  Thanks Abbie!

Abbie Volkmann is JJ’s’s Digital Media Intern for the summer.




Bren says:
Jul 22, 2016

I read your post, and because of what you wrote I just signed on as a member. I’ve been searching for sites like this one I don’t know why I never saw this.
I became disabled about 10yrs ago due to illness. I’m in a handicap apt I can’t get in and out of because the doors are so heavy, and there is no ramp. In my apt I can’t reach any of the cabinets. I had to borrow $800 from my daughter to buy a cabinet that I could put dishes & glasses etc… Management said my request are not reasonable! My Doctor also wrote them. You don’t understand what it’s like to live in a wheelchair until your in one. My 31yr old daughter tried to do everything I do in a day. Emily tried to go outside, and wasn’t able to in a chair, she also tried to get around my apt reaching the cabinets, and she could not. I also have limited use of my arms. I have an aide 5hrs a day, but she leaves I’m on my own.
People should do what my daughter did try living in a chair for a day, you would see a huge difference in how others look at us.
Thank you for allowing me to share : )
God Bless, Bren

matthew lachapelle says:
Aug 02, 2016

wow thats great to hear that there is a lot of changes for the best. I am glad that we have new faces here it feel very good.

find a domain says:
Aug 30, 2016

wow this is sooooo cool and how to change for the best and I hope you enjoy working here at JJslist I hope to get to know you a little bit better

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