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Memories from 2015

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We went around and asked our staff, participants, and volunteers what their favorite memories from this year were so here are a few!

Matthew:  If i had to choose one memory of 2015 it will be work with new job coach and meeting new staff who came to No boundaries thats a good year to have in your heart. I never made art before in my whole life and i sale it, God had told me to be a good person to love and to be kind to others. I went to take a test at Walmart it was to be a manger at Walmart.  I passed it with no help I felt I did by myself.

Justice:  I enjoyed talking with my co-workers this year. I enjoyed explaining and sharing my picture boards with my friend.  I enjoyed showing my mom all my work from this year when she came to visit.

Abby:  Here at No Boundaries, in the past year my most favorite memory is having fun and joking around with Nura and the other staff members and the clients. Also making people smile , also making them laugh, too when I show up every Tuesday mornings. Also showing my artwork at the Evanston Annual Wine Walk events. I really like this place, and having a positive attitude at No Boundaries. This year has been a great one so far. I love coming here a lot, it is a peaceful place to work at No Boundaries. This place makes me happier when things are tough for me when I have a lot of drama at the Des Plaines warehouse during the day. It is a big break for me.

I cannot tell you how much I like this place very much. Everyone here at No Boundaries is very caring and friendly to me here at No Boundaries. And I like that. Thank you for bringing me into this program, I appreciate all your support!

Thank you for your patience.

Nura:  So many good moments, it’s hard to pick just one.  I’ve had a wonderful time with each and every one of the staff and participants here at No Boundaries.  One of my favorite moments was the night of the Wine Walk, watching the No Boundaries participants interacting with guests and seeing their excitement when their artwork was sold.  It truly is a wonderful moment when I see the skills we all work so hard on perfecting being used in a professional way outside of our session.

Benjamin:  I was a new employee at in 2015 so there were a lot of moments where I was getting to know the business and how everything worked.  One of my favorite moments was my first Disability Awareness Training at Brookfield Zoo where I was plunged in front of a room of over 200 people in my bright orange t-shirt.  That was a learning edge moment where I had to become very comfortable in a very short period of time with our purpose for being there, but it worked and I figured out how to be a part of something wonderful.

Jake:  I think one of my favorite memories of this year, as a Disability Awareness Player, was the two trainings we did at the Brookfield Zoo and being on TV!  I believe I first met you (Benjamin) at the first of those trainings.  My other favorite memory was our training at the Shedd Aquarium.  That is a really neat place and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to pet that live penguin!  I’m looking forward to more fun events like these next year.  Happy holidays to everybody!

Alex:  I liked spending time helping my co-workers fold and organize t-shirts and materials for events that they were preparing for. I liked meeting and working with new people.

Anton:  I really enjoyed joining No Boundaries.  When I approached No Boundaries I felt comforted and safe.  Ever since I have been at No Boundaries I have felt confident at my workplace because I know that I have support I need.

Steve:  I liked working with new people.  I liked typing on the computers.

JJ:  Standing in front of the dolphin tank at the Shedd Aquarium with fellow Disability Awareness Players and hearing the dolphins cheer us on as we worked with the amazing staff from the Aquarium.



by: Adrian Drower

Multiple memories,

Many rush to my mind.

They come in many forms,

Mine are mostly good ones.


Even though seasons change,

Memories eternal.

Lasting through life and time,

Everyone’s memories.

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Dec 31, 2015

Great Job, Thanks

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Jan 06, 2016

This is an excellent blog post. Rock on JJ’s List!

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