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JJ’s List 2023 Recap

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Looking back on this past year, our JJ’s List team is so grateful for all that we have accomplished. Thank all of our amazing partners who made this year’s successes possible! Our Disability Awareness Trainings trained many organizations throughout Chicagoland in 2023, including the Museum of Science & Industry, the Goodman Theatre and the Shedd Aquarium. We also piloted our NeurodiVERSED training offering at 2 schools, receiving great feedback. Finally, our Hop on the Bus training was presented to 17 different partners. Read on for our full 2023 recap here at JJ’s List!

Disability Awareness Trainings

We trained 678 people through 23 Disability Awareness Trainings in 2023, expanding our reach from last year! We also added two new Players this year, Lanni S. and Anthony C. In 2024, we will be further expanding our DAT reach through new roleplays, trainings at new organizations and more.

We asked our Players what their favorite memories over the last year were. Read their responses:

  • Brian: “I really liked the DAT at Fountaindale Public Library. The staff was very friendly and welcoming even before the training started. The audience was interactive and they were willing to use the material from the training to make libraries more disability friendly.”
  • Claudia: “I liked training at Sunset Ridge Elementary because it was fun to be with the younger kids. I enjoyed answering their questions about how I get around and how I do things, like type my name. When I was younger, I remember making cards for students in braille and I liked sharing that with others!”
  • Lanni: “I liked all the trainings!”
  • Sarah: “I love training schools with the younger kids. They are so energetic.”


We piloted our NeurodiVERSED training this year at 2 schools, Al Raby High School and Muchin College Prep School. NeurodiVERSED is taking a deeper dive from our DATs. This training delivers a better understanding of what neurodiversity is, different ways of learning, how to support those who are NeurodiVERSED and creating an environment to best support ourselves and others. One audience member at Muchin College Prep shared with us that, “It’s a safe space to be yourself and introduce positive ways for success in supporting students.”

Over the next year, we will be growing the program through increased outreach and marketing efforts! Learn more about NeurodiVERSED here.

Hop on the Bus

Through 17 Hop on the Bus trainings, we reached 365 students and 105 staff! One audience member shared with us that “the students are very excited to take the PACE bus field trip and additional trips now! You all shared a great positive energy about taking public transportation.” We can’t wait to share transportation tips with more people throughout Chicagoland in 2024!

Overall, we had a great 2023 and are so grateful to all of the many places we trained at for having us! We are looking forward to continued growth next year.

Interested in learning more about JJ’s List and how to bring us to your business? Contact Sarah Armour at

Thank you for your support this year!

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