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Is it Time for Your Agency or School to Hop on the Bus to Independence?

Posted by on July 15, 2016 - 1 Comment

Search.Hop.groupHere at, we believe that you have to be able to get around your community if you are going to be a part of your community.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Pace Suburban Bus to lead workshops for agencies and schools that help individuals with disabilities learn how to take public transportation comfortably and confidently.

Our free, 90-minute Hop on the Bus Workshop combines “real world” experiences, including boarding an actual bus and learning with a classroom trainer using word games and visuals.

“While many disability consumers and students are accustomed to riding school buses, Paratransit vehicles, or getting rides from family members, riding fixed route buses is a critical component to having greater independence,” says Ed Madden, Pace Coordinator of Public Outreach.  “By learning to use fixed-route buses, your clients and students can open up opportunities for employment, shopping and entertainment without having to schedule their travel a day or more ahead of time or to impose on others.”

Even last-minute dinner invitations or impromptu movie outings with friends can be possibilities.  “It leads to greater mobility and independence in the community for clients of service providers,” says Jenny Higgins, Hop On the Bus Trainer. “For transition teachers it’s an important component of the life and employment skills training that kids in transition programs need in order to develop their potential to live and work in the community when they finish school.”Bridget hop on bus

More than 2,000 people with disabilities and their supporters have participated in Hop on the Bus to Independence workshops so far.

Workshops are in high demand, so call or email us sooner rather than later  so that you will not be disappointed. There is no cost to your organization or the participants. And 100% of organizations surveyed would recommend Hop on The Bus Workshops to others!

Is it time for your agency or school to Hop on the Bus to Independence?
To schedule a Workshop contact: , Sarah Armour, Business Assistant at or  847.869.0000 ext. 2

Blog written by Abbie Volkmann, the Social Media Summer Intern here at


1 Comment

Eric Chiu says:
Dec 14, 2017

The pace bus can go any place you can go like school, fitness center, restaurant and movie theater. It was very important for the transition student to learn on how to ride the pace bus to go to college and other place to see in downtown area. Most student and customer is able to ride the public transportation vehicle. The workshop is recommended to all of the disability students. You probably need the living and be a part of the community. Finally, a lot of people participate the hop in the bus to the workshop.

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