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Exciting Improvements from Pace for Riders

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Exciting Improvement from Pace for Riders

By Edward Madden, Pace Suburban Bus

Pace is working hard for our riders, offering many new and expanded services and robust technological improvements! With our commitment to innovation, we are constantly striving to provide our riders with the best transportation options possible all while being a responsible steward of taxpayer funds.


For riders able to utilize the convenient, last-minute travel option of regular fixed bus routes, Pace is offering these features:

Pace On Demand and the On Demand App

Pace On Demand offers a reservation-based, shared-ride service in 10 designated service areas throughout the suburban region. All you have to do is book on the new On Demand mobile app (available soon at App Store and Play Store), online, or call to reserve your trip at least ten minutes (or up to 7 days) in advance and pay with Ventra or cash when boarding.

Transit App

For smartphone users interested in using an app for trip planning and real-time bus tracking, Pace recommends the Transit app. The Transit app does what no other trip-planning app can do, which is to offer trip plan results that include our Pace on Demand and Pace Connect services starting soon in mid-to-late October (see above). Plus, once it identifies you as a Pace rider, you’ll automatically get the upgraded (“Royale”) version of the app, which shows scheduled arrivals/departures for the whole day along with some fun app customization options.

Free Transfers

Pace-to-Pace transfers continue to be free for all riders using a Ventra card on fixed-route buses.

Zero Emission – Electric Buses

Pace continues our work transitioning the North Division in Waukegan into a zero-emission-only facility by 2026 and to converting Pace’s entire bus fleet to zero-emission vehicles by 2040. With an ever-increasing urgency to move away from fossil fuels in mind, and a desire to do our part in resolving the climate crisis, Pace is committed to limiting our carbon footprint and improving the air we all breathe. To learn more about Pace’s zero emissions commitment, visit

Pace Connect


For those certified to travel on ADA paratransit service, Pace is offering these exciting new features:

Free Fixed-Route Bus Rides

As a part of our 2024 budget, Pace has proposed unlimited free fixed-route bus rides for all ADA-certified riders. This feature will take effect on January 1, 2024 if approved at Pace’s November 2023 Board of Directors meeting. Pace is holding public hearings in late October regarding this proposal and the budget as a whole.


 TripCheck from Pace Paratransit helps passengers keep track of their paratransit rides. The TripCheck web portal allows you to view trip information, cancel trips, and opt in and out of email, text and phone call alerts. Chicago and Suburban ADA Paratransit riders, as well as users of Pace-operated Dial-a-Ride services, can use TripCheck. A TripCheck mobile app is coming soon!

Since our ADA paratransit rider’s quality of service is directly impacted by driver availability, Pace is doing everything we can to have as many travel options and drivers as possible for our riders.


When paratransit riders make a reservation, they’re given the option to accept trips from a taxicab or a transportation network company (TNC) with a funny name (UZURV, pronounced YOU-ZERVE). Riders who are willing to accept rides from those services might see a different vehicle pick them up but they’re doing their part to help Pace expand our capacity to provide paratransit trips for thousands of riders who need transportation every day in the Chicagoland area. See for more information.

Rideshare Access Program (RAP)

Due to the success of Pace’s Taxi Access Program in Chicago (TAP) and DuPage Uber ADA-alternative services, Pace is in the process of bringing a similar option to many other parts of Pace’s service area. The RAP program seeks to allow ADA paratransit customers the option to use ride hailing apps as an alternative to booking a dedicated ADA Paratransit ride. This program has not yet started so watch for more information soon.

For more information about all of Pace transportation services, please visit and


Edward Madden is the Coordinator of Public Outreach for Pace Suburban Bus and one of JJ’s List’s Hop on the Bus to Independence presenters. Among his many communication responsibilities, Ed promotes the numerous transportation services that Pace offers in the 6-county Chicagoland region.

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