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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Reflections and Goals

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We asked our participants throughout our Adult Learning Programs to reflect on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and new things that they would like to learn in 2023.

Read their responses below!

What does Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) mean to you?

Pam: Diversity means people of different backgrounds getting together, being fair to all and including everyone.

Christa: Fair treatment of people that have been undertreated and represented.

Danielle: Diversity is about what make each of us unique and included out personality and life experiences. Equity is every person can participate freely and equally.

Jack: Not judging people, treat people fairly. Learning about different cultures and nationalities.

Debra J: Being different is alright.

Lynnette: Happy J

Kristina: Diversity means being social. Equality means being fair to one another.

Abby S: Diversity is a group of people, includes different sociable and ethnicities. Equity is being fair to others around you. Inclusion is including everyone.

What are some things you learned in 2022 with the new DEI education?

Christa: Watched zooms about diversity – I learned good things.

Tracey:  I learned about different cultures.

Edwin:  I learned about customs and foods different cultures take part in.

Kristina:  I learned about pride month, Juneteenth and other holidays.

Abby S:  People with disabilities should be treated equal with different ethnicities.

What are some topics of DEI education you are looking forward too?

Christa: Cultural diversity and gender equality.

Tracey: Cooking food from different country cultures.

Ken: Cooking different types of food from different countries and cultures.

Jennifer B: Learning about cultures.

Abby S: Women’s history and Black history.

Are there new things you would like to learn?

Pam: Rights for Asians, be a part of Black Lives Matters and fight for more privileges.

Danielle: About Geography.

Jack: Geography and Chinese New Year.

Kristina: Art and planting

Abby S: Down Syndrome, Autism Awareness and Mental Health Awareness.

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