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Discover the True Value of Disability Awareness Trainings!

Posted by on June 13, 2016 - 2 Comments

IMG_5329May of 2016 was an action-packed month when it comes to Disability Awareness Trainings!  After traveling to Santa Barbara to work with Toad & Co. and meeting with the Dundee Library back here in the Midwest, we turned right around and headed over to the corporate offices of True Value and Discover Financial Services.

We worked with an employee at True Value who was an individual with a disability herself.  So she recruited her co-workers to participate in a Disability Awareness Training and participated herself, which is always a treat.  It’s a fascinating thing to see someone explain to their own co-workers what they see on a daily basis and what they can do together to become a better workplace.  

Discover Financial Services has long been a friend of, with staff members attending Disability Awareness Trainings on several other occasions and even making an appearance on a panel at the ADA25Chicago Leadership Institute at which one of our own staff members was a Fellow.

Discover Financial Services procured a Disability Awareness Training fo4N6A8597r the executive staff and their respective staffs at their Deerfield office.  It was one of the bigger trainings has done and the production value was excellent!  Representatives from WGN joined us and we are excited to see what they come up with.

In short, no matter whether you are a corner bodega who wishes to learn more about how to be accessible to your customers with disabilities or a Fortune 500 business that wishes to learn how to accommodate a billion dollar market or develop a more diverse and inclusive workforce, the Disability Awareness Players are up for anything, anywhere, anytime.

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John Gier says:
Jun 13, 2016

Clever name

Jake says:
Jun 14, 2016

This was yet another fun training, and I enjoyed meeting everyone at the business. Three cheers for the pizza which we shared afterwards!

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