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Disability Advocate Profile: Leroy F. Moore Jr.

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By Kamaria Kali, Administrative and Development Assistant at Search Inc.

February is Black History Month, honoring generations of Black people in America who persevered through adversity and their important contributions. At Search and JJ’s List, we recognized Black History Month in many ways. One way we recognized Black History Month is by learning and sharing about different Black disability advocates.

One such example is Leroy F. Moore Jr., a pioneering figure in the disability rights movement, who is dedicated to advocating for the rights and dignity of people with disabilities, particularly those who are Black and face additional challenges due to race and intersectionality. Through his diverse talents as a writer, poet, musician, and activist, Moore has made significant contributions to raising awareness and promoting inclusivity for marginalized communities.

Born with cerebral palsy, Moore’s journey as a disability advocate began in his youth. From a young age, he recognized the importance of representation and empowerment for people with disabilities, especially those from minority backgrounds. Moore’s personal experiences with disability fuel his passion for advocacy, driving him to challenge stereotypes and fight for equality.

One of Moore’s most significant contributions to the disability rights movement is his co-founding of the Krip-Hop Nation. This international network of artists with disabilities aims to showcase the talents of disabled individuals, particularly those of African descent, while also addressing the intersectional challenges they face. Through music, poetry, and other forms of artistic expression, Krip-Hop Nation amplifies the voices of disabled artists and advocates for social justice.

As a writer and poet, Moore uses his platform to address issues of ableism, racism, and intersectionality. Through his essays, articles, and poetry collections, he sheds light on the unique struggles faced by disabled individuals of color and advocates for systemic change. Moore’s writing amplifies marginalized voices, offering insights into the lived experiences of those at the intersection of disability and race. Leroy F. Moore Jr.’s work serves as a testament to the power of advocacy and the importance of intersectional solidarity.

Learn more about Leroy Moore in this Ability Magazine profile, and learn more about Black History Month here.

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