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Bridge Builder Project with Forrest’s Duxler featured!

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Brian, Megan and JJ with Glenn Moak of Forrest's Duxler

Brian, Megan and JJ with Glenn Moak of Forrest's Duxler

Wilmette Life did a fabulous feature on JJ’s List last month, covering one of our Bridge Builder Project teams, Brian and Megan, along with JJ as they paid a visit to Forrest’s Duxler. As a disability-aware provider of complete vehicle¬†maintenance¬†and repair solutions, Forrest’s Duxler has received some raving reviews on

From what I heard, owner Glenn Moak spoke with such sincerity about his commitment to disability-aware customer service, everyone in the room was moved to tears.

Here’s what Brian and Megan had to say about their experience.


I thought our visit to Duxler was great! The people are very nice there. We had fun. We talked about disability awareness. Glenn was a nice man. We met someone who works there who has a disability. I remember a reporter came and interviewed us. I thought it was great. It’s a lot of fun being part of the Bridge Builder Project. I’m looking forward to the follow up meeting with Glenn from Duxler.


Brian and I were really looking forward to meeting with Glenn Moak, the owner of Forrest’s Duxler. We’d done our research, prepared our materials, and were ready to meet Glenn and his employees. This meeting was especially exciting because it was going to be covered by the Wilmette Life! When we arrived the Duxler office was bustling. People were pulling in for the full-service gas refill and picking up their cars after being repaired. The employees who greeted us were really nice. One man opened the garage entrance so that Brian, who uses a wheel chair, could enter the office more easily.

Once we were settled in, we started to talk with Glenn about how his business is disability aware. We thanked him for meeting with us and thanked him for being a leader in disability aware customer service on the North Shore. Brian, JJ and I had a lot of questions about what led Glenn to create such a disability-aware model at Forrest’s Duxler. Glenn spent more than a half hour sharing wonderful stories about people who’ve inspired him and individuals with disabilities he’s befriended and have taught him about the importance of being disability-aware. The one thing that Glenn said that stuck with me most is that being a good businessperson and providing good customer service is rooted in compassion and understanding. I really liked that sentiment.

Brian and I came away from our meeting feeling great! It was fun to get to know Glenn and the guys that work at Forrest’s Duxler. We were excited to see a great business doing a great job at being disability aware!

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