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3 Reasons NOT to Stop Your Job Hunt During the Holidays

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Erin BlogbanerSome people think that the holidays are a time to take a break from their job hunt. No way! This is the time to get busy. Why?  Here are three good reasons to use the Holiday time to deepen your search:

1. Great Seasonal Experience:

During the busy holiday season, businesses will hire part-time, seasonal employees to help with increased holiday business.  Different businesses (such as Target, Walmart and Toys R Us, to name a few) hire seasonal employees to help with stocking, organizing, cleaning, and customer service tasks.

2. Chance for Year-Long Employment:

Though seasonal employment is a great way to make and save money in the short term, long term goals may be accomplished; Many of times the hardest workers are often promoted to a full-time, year-long position!

3. No Boundaries Has Your Back:

No Boundaries supports adults with disabilities to achieve independence through steady employment. Our office is open throughout November and December with the hope of aiding you or your loved one in finding a job before the new year! Contact us today to learn how our staff can aid you or your loved one in accomplishing their employment goals!

About the Author:

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Erin Kelly is an Employment Specialist at Search, Inc. Erin helps people with disabilities find and keep jobs.  

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