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In tune, without limits
This article is about Adrian Anantawan who is a violinist who was born without a right arm. He went to Harvard Gradate music school. The article also describes how adaptive musical instruments can make dreams come true for people with disabilities who never thought it would be possible to play an instrument.
Ticked Off- Under Our Skin
03/05/12 - Latest Buzz on Disability
This review in the New York Times of "Under Our Skin," a documentary by Andy Abrahams Wilson, details the struggle that people with chronic Lyme disease face. Beside, health issues they struggle with dealing with insurance companies who don't recognize it as a chronic disease, therefore the doctor who treat their patients are risking their medical license.
Lessons in Internet Safety and Productivity
13 Teens with Disabilities Learn Essential Internet Safety and Productivity Skills.
Congratulations to the winners of our SPILLS-Infinitec Grant Competition
8 schools across Illinois win the opportunity to teach our curriculum in their classrooms
Local actor stars in 'Smile as Big as the Moon'
01/29/12 - Community Participation
The world premiere of 'Smile as Big as the Moon' aired on January 29, 2012 on ABC. The movie is based on a true story about a high school special education teacher who challenges NASA to change the requirements for space camp to allow children with disabilities to participate. Peter Ten Brink stars as a student with down syndrome who dreams of becoming an astronaut. The article details Peter's time on set and what a positive experience it was for him.
3 lessons in disability-awareness we can all learn
01/20/12 - Disability Aware & Business
Glenview business scores a touchdown
On Location Films Opens Doors in Hollywood
01/17/12 - Community Participation
Greg Donoghe who has high functioning autism was always been interested in films but never thought he would be able to to direct one until he directed his first film called "Sunshine Manor". Greg also shows students with disabilities what is is like on a movie set through his work at Inclusion Films.
Review Contest Winner!
01/16/12 - Community Participation
Our review contest was a smashing success. Find out who the winners are!
Blue Man Group tix to benefit JJ's List on sale!
01/10/12 - Community Participation
When you purchase through Tix4Cause, part of the $ goes towards helping JJ's List!
Video: Blind Chef Laura Martinez demonstrates Tres Leches Cake
01/09/12 - Community Participation
Re-live the event where Chef Martinez drew in the crowds at Whole Foods Market Evanston South during her live demonstration of how to make the deliciously moist and sweet Tres Leches Cake!
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