Disability-Aware Business
Terms and Conditions

As the representative of the business named and described (the "Disability-Aware Business") on the “Become a Disability-Aware Business” form (the "Form") on the website (the "Site"), I enroll the business for one year as a Disability-Aware Business under the JJ’s List Disability-Aware Business program (the "Program").

The term ("Term") of this Agreement runs for one year from the date on the Form.      

The Disability-Aware Business Agreement will automatically renew at the end of the term unless the Disability-Aware Business notifies JJ's List at least 14 business days in advance of the end of the term to terminate participation in the Program.  The Disability-Aware Business is under no obligation to continue with the Program at the maturity of the Term.      

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy:  The Disability-Aware Business acknowledges that its representative has read and agreed to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy of the Site.  Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (link).  

The Disability-Aware Business is responsible for the accuracy of its profile on the Site and for updating its profile as needed to keep the information current.  The Disability-Aware Business represents and warrants to JJ's List that: (a) no materials contained in its Site profile will infringe or violate any applicable law, regulation, or right of any third party (including without limitation export laws, intellectual property rights, or any proprietary, contract, moral, privacy, or any other third party right); be defamatory or trade libelous; be pornographic, indecent, or obscene; contain any virus or any other similar harmful, malicious, or hidden program, code, or data; or otherwise expose Developer to civil or criminal liability; and (b) the Disability-Aware Business has all necessary rights, authorizations, or licenses to:  (i) enter into this Agreement; (ii) produce, distribute, exhibit, and exploit the materials contained in its Site profit; (iii) enter into all other transactions contemplated hereby.  The Disability-Aware Business has not made any assignment, granted any license, or entered into any agreement that would conflict with Disability-Aware Business's obligations under these Terms and Conditions or the Form.

The parties are independent contractors.  Nothing stated in the Form will be deemed to create the relationship of partners, joint venturers, employer-employee, master-servant, or franchiser-franchisee between the parties hereto

The Disability-Aware Business may terminate this Agreement effective immediately, following written notice of  termination to JJ’s List.  JJ’s List may terminate this Agreement at any time, effective immediately, following a written notice to the Disability-Aware Business.

The Disability-Aware Business acknowledges and agrees that JJ’s List shall be the sole and exclusive owner of the content on the Site, including, without limitation, the copyright therein, and all of the results and proceeds of the participation of visitors to the Site.  

The Disability-Aware Business acknowledges and understands that users may post favorable and unfavorable reviews on the Site.  The Disability-Aware Business understands that it will be able to post a response to unfavorable reviews directly on the Site, however Disability-Aware Business may not change, delete or alter user-posted information or reviews contained on the Site.  

Last modified July 22, 2010.