About JJ's List

jjslist.com is a communications and marketing social enterprise that helps businesses meet the needs of customers or employees with disabilities by incorporating disability-aware marketing, customer service and employment best practices into core business strategies. We provide meaningful career paths in communications, technology and digital marketing to people with disabilities at the same time.


Yup, you read that right. Behind your screen is an integrated team of people with and without disabilities who walk the talk of disability-aware customer service and employment. Wander around jjslist.com and you'll see how:

  • Disability Awareness Training for Businesses - It's a smash hit with businesses and organizations throughout Chicagoland. Our team of experts in disability - people who have disabilities themselves - engage your employees in a fun, interactive workshop to build comfort and confidence interacting and communicating with people who have disabilities.
  • Hop On The Bus Training - Schools, agencies, service providers, families and community groups love our 90-minute workshop for people with disabilities ages 14 and older. 
  • The jjslist.com Blog - You'll find the latest in stories, news and opinions that make disability awareness the hottest topic in diversity marketing and communications today.
  • Community-driven Disability-Aware Business Directory - It's the go-to, trusted source of information for anyone looking for reviews and profiles of disability-friendly business of any type, anywhere, anytime.

  • Ten Tips Poster For Great Service - This is a fantastic resource for your business or location to hang up where your staff can easily see and follow these tips to provide more disability-aware services to their patrons.  

  • Person First Language Brochure - The Person First Language brochure is a wonderful resource that can provide insights in a very short time about how to use person first language that represents effective and appropriate language when communicating or interacting with individuals with disabilities. 


jjslist.com is a social enterprise of Search, Inc., an Illinois 501(c)(3) organization. Search's mission is to empower persons with developmental disabilities to achieve their full potential, accept a valued role in their community, and lead rich, rewarding lives. 

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JJ Hanley

JJ Hanley

"Known by my children as The Warden, but they know I’m really a softie underneath the tough stuff!"

Sarah Armour

Sarah Armour

Sarah graduated form Loras College in 2008 with a BA in Sociology. Working as an Office Assistant at JJ's List has taught me how to be an advocate for myself and others with disabilities. She has a passion for teaching the community how to interact naturally with people with disabilities.





Laurie Finnegan

Laurie earned her Masters degree in Social Work from Loyola University Chicago with a specialization in nonprofit management, and is a Licensed Social Worker (LSW). She has a wealth of experience in empowering the people she works with to set specific, measurable goals and take the necessary steps to achieve them.  Laurie is drawn to working at No Boundaries because she is passionate about guiding people to find their inner strengths and accomplish their goals.



Jake Joehl

"I'm passionate about disability rights, but I'm not too terribly keen yet on self-advocacy it seems. I love music of all genres. Give me historical fiction or nonfiction and I'll be occupied for hours. Also love to eat."

 Alec Mackenzie

Alec MacKenzie

Alec, who was diagnosed with a learning disability at age 2, is an occasional contributor to JJ's List. He has worked with the Disability Awareness Players in the past, and is currently working on various digital media projects. He is also studying at Oakton Community College in Skokie, and plans to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Special Education.

Tim Finnegan

Tim Finnegan

Tim is an 18 year old speaker and advocate for individuals with disabilities. His first-hand experience as a young adult with Autism provides others with insight into a world where disability can be pervasive, but not often readily seen. He is a part of the jjslist.com Disability Awareness Players.


Allissa Brandell

Allissa was born with Down Syndrome. She has advocated for people with disabilities her entire life-beginning as a pre-schooler through highschool as the first person fully-included in all regular classrooms with this disability. Allissa has lived on her own for 6 years. She has worked for jjslist.com as a volunteer, an office assistant, and a jjslist.com Disability Awareness Player. 

Nura Aly

Nura Aly

Nura Aly is a 26 year old woman who is born with Spina Bifida and uses a wheelchair.  She has played violin for 18 years.  She received her BA in Music from DePaul University and is working towards getting her Teacher Certification in Music from Northeastern Illinois University.  She has volunteered at JJslist for about 4 years helping with Disability Awareness Training, fundraising events and most recently with blogging.


John Gier

"I'm so busy with self-advocacy and disability awareness work.  I wonder if I'll have time to read my favorite genre books again!"

Benjamin Lachman, Business and Community Engagement Coordinator

Beyond the resume, I'm passionate about creating opportunities for organizations and individuals to build value and gain traction in their respective missions by developing successful marketing and fundraising strategies. This passion was borne out of many wonderful experiences working on both sides of the revenue coin and understanding the challenges that both grant-makers and grant-seekers face. The ability to clearly and compellingly communicate a value system makes progress possible. That's where I live.