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Purple Cab (11 years, 9 months ago)

It was cool smootie ride there.but have a little got a text said not yet on it's way.I waited whole twenty minutes for it pick me up. Read More >
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303 Taxi (customer service person) (12 years ago)

I spoke with Anna at 303 regarding an incident reported on JJ's list by a man who was harrased by a driver. The driver became angry because the rider participates... Read More >
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303 Taxi (12 years ago)

It was a very odd morning in 303 cab. The cab driver asked me if I had money. I told him that I had a coupon plue money for tip... Read More >
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Cracker Barrel (13 years, 5 months ago)

It's was very busy and crowd with people waiting for table and shopping on after x-mas day,Took little bit long for our table to be served.Ask if we want our... Read More >
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County Fair Foods (13 years, 6 months ago)

it was not crowd,lil bit more roomly push cart around in store.People were helpful to us, Read More >
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Prairie Moon (13 years, 7 months ago)

When is not to busy very roomy to move around,If is very busy is crowd.Is very accessible to get in and out,And have room for wheelchair to to be at... Read More >
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Logan airport (13 years, 8 months ago)

The staff helped me by:Tell me when will departed,if be changed at gate make go to counter.

The environment was:big,crowd,busy.uneasy at first.

I was able to be independent because:Security guard told me... Read More >
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Disney World (13 years, 8 months ago)

The staff helped me by:How open my door with keycard,And how use it for theme parks.

The environment was:Nice,Clam place with nice pool,Park is crowd,With alot of people.Some lines didn't have... Read More >
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Thunder Tower Harley-Davidson (13 years, 10 months ago)

Is very accessible to get in,And very roomy to and very big space room to move around.People sound very friendly and nice with me and my dad.

I was able to... Read More >
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CTA Purple line station Main (13 years, 10 months ago)

The staff helped me by Fix my money if will not fit in transition machine.or they give me free pass to train.The environment was nice and roomy alot to move... Read More >
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Metra (13 years, 10 months ago)

The staff help me by tell me paid by window or on the train,The environment was nice,But enough room to find a seat people are nice and helpful I know... Read More >
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Nicor advance engery (13 years, 11 months ago)

Very hard to understand the bill is or hard to understand how to fix with customer service. Read More >
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Starbucks (13 years, 11 months ago)

Is wide enough for wheelchairs to get in by front door,People are nice and friendly.helpful workers,Very open space to move around. Read More >
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Hobby Lobby (14 years ago)

They are nice,like to welcome you to store.Ask if need help if you need it.very big store and alot of room to walk around. Read More >
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Post office (14 years ago)

They are nice,hard to understand prices and how mail a package.If they slowly down and repeat it better so i can understand better. Read More >
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Blossom Boys (14 years, 6 months ago)

Is very nice little shop,People are very friendly and helpful.Have very nice gift shop,flowers for good prices.And fair trade with Ten thousand villages. Read More >
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Target (14 years, 6 months ago)

Is very busy in morning,clean,people are friendly sometimes.They try their best help anyone out with anything.They will try get someone help u out if are to busy. Read More >
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Best Buy (14 years, 8 months ago)

It's not very clean,Hard find someone help u out,always never around when want them.Have hard time looking for i want or can't find them. Read More >