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Do you have a disability? Do you know someone who has a disability? Do you work with people who have disabilities? Fill out your profile and start sharing your reviews about the disability awareness of the businesses and services where you shop, get services, learn, work and have fun.
Disability Awareness
Disability Awareness is when a business or service provides customer service (or work!) that is welcoming, flexible and respectful of people with disabilities.
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Don’t have a disability?
You don’t have to have a disability to talk about disability aware customer service. If you know, love or work with one or more persons with a disability, you can share reviews about customer service from your experience and point of view. Create your profile with your email address. Then, check any and all of the optional check boxes that describe supports or assistance that are part of your experience with all people you know who have disabilities. Then, start sharing your reviews! Here is the key: Make it from your point of view.
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