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This business has 3 positives and 0 negatives.
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Illinois Nut & Candy

Category: Employer, Other, Store/Market, Disability-Aware Business
Phone number: (847) 677-5777
Location: 3745 W. Dempster, Skokie, IL 60076
Sunday 11am -5pm
Monday - Wednesday 9:00a - 6:00pm
Thursday 9:00a - 7:30pm
Friday 8:30 - varies close for time
Saturday -- Closed

Nearest Transportation Stop: Skokie Swift
At Illinois Nut & Candy we specialize in indulgence. From Gourmet Taffy Apples to custom confections we have it all. We strive to be the largest niche friendly candy store in the country we offer Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Vegan Friendly options as well as everything in our store is certified kosher. Because our items are kosher certified you can be certain that anything marked Pareve is certified Dairy Free, Casein Free and Lactose Free.
OurP selections include crèmes, barks, dipped glaced fruit, turtles, truffles peppermint patties, taffy apples and custom molded confection for any holiday. This does not include the large variety of treats like chocolate covered raisins and pretzels (just to name a few) that are Dairy Free, Casein Free and Lactose Free.

What truly separates us is our commitment to quality, customer service and giving back to the community. This commitment starts with our front door which is equipped with an Inclusion Solutions Big Bell doorbell. This doorbell allows the disable or the mom with multiple kids to ring the bell and ask for assistance. Our web site www.RaisingTheCandyBar is text based so it passes the WCAG 1.0 Priority A ( One of the many ways we give back to the community is by working with Keshet. Keshet is dedicated to “enhancing independence, optimizing personal potential … and encouraging community integration for individuals with developmental disabilities”. Throughout the academic year our customer will see young people from their programs working in our store.

At Illinois Nut and Candy one of our goal is to be inclusive. We want everyone regardless of their particular food requirement to have a sweet experience.
Disability Aware Features:
  • Extra assistance available
  • Offer products or services for people with disabilities
  • Physically accessible
  • Volunteer opportunities for people with disabilities
  • Inclusion Solutions Big Bell doorbell
Review Illinois Nut & Candy
This business has 3 positives and 0 negatives.
1:45pm 11/28/18

The manager and the store keeper was alright, but he was busy talking on the phone. The lady was very nice to me and she gave me samples of candy I wanted to try! They also had a vast selections of candy I could desire. I could go there every now and then.

Disability Awareness:   Welcoming, Talked to me person-to-person, Asked me if I needed or wanted help, Friendly, Gave me choices, Accessible Parking
12:27pm 06/13/13

Illinois Nut and Candy is disability friendly! The owner, David is so patient and kind. I cannot recommend them enough!

Disability Awareness:   Welcoming, Talked directly to the person/people with disability, Friendly, Gave extra time, Respectful, Helpful with assistance or accommodation, Has employees with disabilities, Flexible service, Physically accessible
10:22am 03/14/13

David is a wonderful person. He is an amazing person He gave me my first job with a pay check. I get discount on chocolate candy. yesterday I filled kosher for Passover using dried fruit it had to weigh between 50 ounces and 100 ounce

Disability Awareness:   Welcoming, Talked to me person-to-person, Respectful, Flexible service

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