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This business has 3 positives and 0 negatives.
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Piven Theatre Workshop

Category: Entertainment, Disability-Aware Business
Phone number: (847) 866-6597
Location: 927 Noyes St., Evanston, IL 60201
Monday-Thursday 12-6
Saturday 9 - 2

Nearest Transportation Stop: Noyes Purple Line CTA Stop
The Mission of Piven Theatre Workshop is to celebrate each individual's unique creative voice through an ensemble-based, community-oriented approach to theatre training and performance. This mission, as it has evolved for over 35 years, is pursued through the three branches of the organization: the training center for adults and children, the extensive scholarshp and community outreach programs, and the professional Equity theatre committed to new works, literary adaptations, and the Story Theatre form.
Disability Aware Features:
  • Extra assistance available
  • Offer products or services for people with disabilities
  • Physically accessible
Review Piven Theatre Workshop
This business has 3 positives and 0 negatives.
John Maxson
John Maxson
2:57pm 10/15/11

I have only been here a few times ,and think that this is a good place to see plays.ell all I can tell you is that this place is right next to the cta puple line,and d,and dogs,and the sore in the back.There is also the noyes street cafe almost across the street(I mean that its less than a half block east on the other side of noyes).Well thats it.

Disability Awareness:   Welcoming, Friendly, Respectful, Flexible service, Physically accessible, Accessible Parking
8:15pm 09/22/09

I've taken the CTA train to Evanston by myself and have walked over to Piven Theatre. I took Piven Theatre last summer and I just started the fall session. Piven Theatre is right by the Noyes CTA Station and it's easy to take the CTA train there. I enjoy taking classes at Piven Theatre. In my class at Piven Theatre, I play improv games, like where you pass the clap which is when you have eye contact with the person next to you we all stand in a circle. I like the instructors at Piven Theatre and the classes are fun there. Another game we play in my class at Piven Theatre is a game called Kitty Wants A Corner, and we also play a game where we all make different sound effects. There all kinds of games to play at Piven Theatre. I enjoy taking classes there. Piven Theatre is a fun place to play improv games and do all kinds of stuff.

Disability Awareness:   Welcoming, Talked to me person-to-person, Friendly, Respectful, Helpful when I needed assistance or accommodation, Flexible service
11:28am 09/15/09

I just signed my son up for his second session at Piven Theatre in Evanston. The class sizes are small, the environment is very accepting, and the type of theatre "work" (theatre games, interactive improv scene work, etc.) is therapeutic. But what sets Piven apart is their willingness to collaborate with parents, teachers and therapists to help make your child have a successful experience. This group knows how to communicate and they worked with me on selecting the appropriate type of class, age group and instructor for my son. One of their instructors teaches a HS Communications mini course at my son's school (a special ed school for students with learning disabilities). PIven seems like a logical choice for theatre-oriented kids who are making the bridge from programs like Special Gifts Theatre to a more mainstream environment. Nice job, Piven!

Disability Awareness:   Welcoming, Talked directly to the person/people with disability, Friendly, Gave choices, Gave extra time, Respectful, Helpful with assistance or accommodation, Flexible service

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