Review Domino's Pizza - Wilmette
This business has 2 positives and 1 negative.
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Domino's Pizza - Wilmette

Not A JJ's List Disability-Aware Business Yet
Category: Restaurant/Cafe
Phone number: (847) 256-9020
Location: 1911 Lake Ave., Wilmette, IL 60091
* this business has multiple locations
Review Domino's Pizza - Wilmette
This business has 2 positives and 1 negative.
1:56pm 10/29/09

I've called this Domino's location to order pizza a couple times when I still lived with my parents. I was put on hold both times, but not for very long. The representative who answered the phone both times was patient. I knew the order ahead of time so I think that helped. The pizza was delivered in the 30-minute window that they always promise, and it was nice and hot. I've never been to any Domino's location so I can't say how accessible they are. But I really like their pizza, both thin- and thick-crust. I double-checked with one of my sisters both times I brought in the pizza when it was delivered to our house, and the money was correct.

Disability Awareness:   Welcoming, Talked to me person-to-person, Asked me if I needed or wanted help, Friendly, Gave me choices, Gave me extra time, Respectful, Helpful when I needed assistance or accommodation, Flexible service
9:46pm 06/18/09

I was recently at Domino's Pizza by myself and the guys at Domino's weren't as friendly as before. I rode my bike to Domino's to get a large thin crust pizza. I have trouble counting my change sometimes, but at Domino's Pizza, when I have trouble counting my change, the guys aren't helpful. One of the guys at Domino's said I had the right amount of change. It has been hard to carry my pizza home on my bike. I had a wagon connected to a rope, which was connected to my bike. When I got home, my pizza wasn't as good as it was when I was at Domino's before. There pizza isn't as good as Piero's Pizza. The pizza from Piero's tastes a lot better than Domino's. I don't like Domino's as much. I wouldn't recommend this place to others because if you have trouble counting your change, the guys won't help you do it. Domino's Pizza isn't so much of a good pizza restaurant.

Disability Awareness:   Unwelcoming, Unfriendly, Inflexible service, Rushed me, Impatient with me, Unwilling or unhelpful when I needed assistance or accommodations
7:09pm 04/10/09

When I've ordered pizza from Domino's, I've gone by myself to pick up the pizza. I've called Domino's and have ordered a pizza from there. When I've done delivery, I've paid for the pizza when the guy came. When I've gone to pick up the pizza, I've walked over to Domino's by myself. It hasn't been too hard to carry home a pizza from Domino's. I once carried home an extra large pizza from Domino's, and it wasn't too hard to do it. Sometimes, for delivery, I've had trouble calculating a tip. I've learned that the only time to give a tip is only for delivery. I think it's been fun to walk over to Domino's and pick up a pizza.

Disability Awareness:   Welcoming, Friendly, Respectful, Flexible service, Physically accessible

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