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The Douglas Center

Category: Employer, Service Provider/Agency, Disability-Aware Business
Phone number: (847) 674-1921
Location: 3445 Howard St., Skokie, IL 60076
M - F: 8am - 4pm

Nearest Transportation Stop: PACE bus at Howard & St. Louis or Howard & McCormick
The Douglas Center, a non-profit organization located in Skokie, Illinois, provides day programs for individuals with intellectual, developmental, physical and mental disabilities. Through our Work Program we offer employment opportunities that include manufacturing, commercial/industrial sewing, packaging, assembly, shrink wrapping, labeling, heat sealing, fulfillment services, etc. by partnering with local manufacturers, businesses and individuals on work contracts/projects. Our center offers pre-vocational skills and work training (including sheltered workshops), Supported Employment program, a Seniors program as well as developmental rehabilitation for adults of all ages.

Disability Aware Features:
  • Extra assistance available
  • Hires or would like to hire qualified individuals with disabilities
  • Large-print menus
  • Offer products or services for people with disabilities
  • Physically accessible
  • Trained staff
  • Volunteer opportunities for people with disabilities
Review The Douglas Center
This business has 1 positive and 0 negatives.
1:57pm 08/15/18

They gave me opportunities to work! They also let me try new things. They could work on letting me get a chance to challenge myself to a new task at the sewing department. Steve was a fun guy. He made me laugh out loud. He was such a riot. Sometimes, he was a pretty good singer. He was good at break dancing. Douglas Center had a very excellent picnic. We had fun and games. The food they served us during events was pretty good. Deli was very good overall. I didn't order deli very much in the beginning. They were generous and friendly. Sometimes they let me off the hook. They also let me have community access to go from there to my home.

Disability Awareness:   Welcoming, Talked to me person-to-person, Asked me if I needed or wanted help, Friendly, Gave me choices, Gave me extra time, Respectful, Helpful when I needed assistance or accommodation, Has employees with disabilities, Flexible service, Physically accessible, Accessible Parking