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Seguin Gardens & Gifts

Category: Employer, Store/Market, Disability-Aware Business
Phone number: (708) 222-2772
Location: 5621 West 31st Street, Cicero, IL 60804
Tuesday - Friday 10 - 6 pm
Saturday 10 - 5 pm
Sunday & Monday Closed

Nearest Transportation Stop: 31st Street & Austin or 31st & Laramie
Seguin Gardens & Gifts, a business initiative of SEGUINWORKS, offers opportunities for vocational training as well as creating jobs for hard-to-employ adults with developmental disabilities. Inspired by Seguin’s Horticultural Therapy program, Seguin Gardens & Gifts provides a state-of-the-art environment for the Horticultural Therapy program. This innovative initiative is uniquely designed for people with develop­mental disabilities, including those with multiple sensory and physical impairments as well as medical conditions. Seguin Gardens & Gifts functions as a complementary venture to the Seguin Auto Center, another entrepreneurial business of SEGUINWORKS, bringing in much needed income for Seguin through its sales and service fees. Additional benefits to participants include improved physical mobility, enhanced social skills, increased levels of relaxation and reduction of stress—and ultimately increased self-esteem and sense of self-worth from their involvement in the Seguin Gardens & Gifts project.

Seguin Gardens & Gifts operates as a retail garden center, selling both indoor and outdoor plants, as well as other products (pots, mulch, small garden implements, potting soil) used in outdoor gardens and indoor plant maintenance. Seguin Gardens & Gifts also features distinctive gifts, many of which have been produced by Seguin participants and individuals served by other area nonprofits. At Seguin Gardens & Gifts you can expect an extraordinary experience that has a special focus on do-it-yourself home gardeners. Plants for sale range from annuals to perennials, seasonal vegetables to porch plants, and herbs to hanging plants. Includes product lines featuring home décor, gift baskets, children & pet items as well items that capitalize on special holidays and seasonal events. Offers a wide range of gift-giving merchandise, as well as providing hands-on garden-related classes to the community.
Disability Aware Features:
  • Extra assistance available
  • Hires or would like to hire qualified individuals with disabilities
  • Physically accessible
  • Trained staff
Be the first to review this business - Review Seguin Gardens & Gifts

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