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Why Accuity Mentors Individuals with Disabilities and Why You Should Too

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The rules for entering the workforce apply to everybody whether or not they have a disability so Accuity and No Boundaries recently partnered up for a unique opportunity that gave No Boundaries participants a chance to pick the brain of an experienced Accuity employee.

AccuityVolunteer041416Tim Shanovich joined us at our Evanston office for a morning of discussion about networking and how it applied to each person’s goals and situations.

We asked Tim the following questions and he graciously answered them for us:

What did you learn from your experience volunteering your time with No Boundaries?
Tim: That even small commitments of time can help people out.

What do you think the participants learned from you?
Tim: I hope they will take a new approach to growing their network and also realize that sometimes you have to take a job in different parts of the industry to help pay the bills.

How can employees of large corporations do more to include employees with disabilities?
Tim: I think they need to understand that disability (covers) such a broad spectrum of issues and meeting the individuals may actually provide them with quality resources they need.

We asked the participants the following question:

What is the one main thing Tim said that resonated with you?
William: The understanding that career areas can change and what you start out in is not what you will finish in.


To underscore how important mentorship is to increasing employment, President Obama recently came out with a video that illustrated the power of mentoring a young individual who is just entering the work force.


President Obama Talks about Mentorship



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